Operations Manager

Bremen, Germany, Omnidea-RTG GmbH [OR-MA-JO-006]

Field(s) of expertise
Aerospace Engineering
Job type

About this job

The operations manager is the senior most technical role, working in close cooperation with the CEO and being mostly responsible for the coordination of all activities at project management and production level. Due to the constraints of multiple projects/products being developed/produced/tested simultaneously, the operations manager assigns priority between projects/products with simultaneous similar tasks needing similar resources. Thus the operations manager is essentially the guaranteer that Milestones are achieved timely by managing attribution of people and equipment. Besides these attribuitons the he/she will be involved in the technical part of business development (e.g. proposal writing) as well as the development of projects with low(er) technological readiness (where the technicians and quality personnel are not so much needed).


• Lead the technical team in problem solving (e.g. devising new test setups, proposing infra-structure improvements, prototyping new jigs,…);
• Coordinate the Engineering team on a weekly basis
• Technical contributor to all proposal writing and reviewing
• Perform twice-a-month reporting to management on status of projects vs. foreseen Milestones
• Communication with customers in technical telecons
• Evaluate technical personnel as well as project managers (together with the General Manager)


• You have a degree in an engineering field such as space, materials or mechanical. Feeling confident in fluidic applications and pressure applications is a plus.
• Professional experience in an engineering background of at least 2-3 years and team management (at least 4-5 people) is mandatory.
• You are familiar with Project Management tools such as MS Project, ClickUp or Trello
• You are familiar with modern corporate communicating tools such as MS Teams
• You feel at ease in work delegation and human resource management at team level
• You are fluent in spoken and written English; knowledge of German will help
• You enjoy the possibility to work, for small periods of time, abroad.