European GNSS Agency

About us

Europe is developing a new generation of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), opening new horizons to industry development, job creation & economic growth. With Europe in the driver's seat, Galileo has the potential to become a cornerstone of the global radio navigation positioning system of the future.

Given the strategic nature of European satellite positioning & navigation programmes (including Galileo & EGNOS) the European GNSS Agency was established in 2004. It is currently responsible for a range of activities:

- Preparing for the successful commercialisation & exploitation of the systems, with a view to smooth functioning, seamless service provision & high market penetration;
- Ensuring the security accreditation of the system & the establishment and operation of the Galileo Security Monitoring Centres;
- Accomplishing other tasks entrusted to it by the Commission, such as managing GNSS Framework Programme Research; promotion of satellite navigation applications & services; and ensuring the certification of system components.

The GSA, staffed with skilled professionals bringing relevant experience from the public & private sectors, is in a unique position to contribute to one of the most important & ambitious projects ever undertaken by the EU. The GSA, committed to supporting the Commission as GNSS Programme Manager, has the motivation & know-how to help ensure that Europe fully accomplishes its GNSS aims and truly reaps the benefits of EGNOS & Galileo.