System Engineer

Darmstadt, Germany, Sapienza Consulting [2003]

Field(s) of expertise
Earth Observation Space Systems Engineering
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About this job

Sapienza Consulting, a Serco company, has a long heritage of providing crucial workforce solutions to numerous clients in the public and private space sector. On behalf of our customer EUMETSAT, we are looking for a System Engineer. You would be working on-site at EUMETSAT’s site, with a generous distribution of working hours into the hybrid model.

Your mission would be to contribute to the system engineering activities of the EUMETSAT ground segment for existing and future missions and to the high-level Requirement and Verification Engineering approach of the organization, including the customized utilization of the IBM DOORS Requirement Management Tool. EUMETSAT consistently presents a spectre of diverse use of DOORS, including generalized on-purpose customizations and specialized use cases.


Services to the EUMETSAT organisation including:

  • On-demand provision of Requirements and Verification Engineering contribution including traceability and eventual verification control activities
  • Provision of IBM DOORS contribution including DXL support (standardized and specialized)
  • Continuous provision of IBM DOORS administration service regarding general Identity and Access Management (IAM), project/module/linkset access, remote access using the EUMETSAT IT infrastructure
  • Provision of the REQ-VV methodology to assess the requirement adequacy at a given point of time in the lifecycle of the system of interest
  • Training provision and continuous coaching service for the usage of IBM DOORS in EUMETSAT customization framework
  • Provision of first-line support, including the operation of a service desk for incoming requests and their structured resolution with the requestor


Services to the TSS/SEP/GSSE Competency Area including on-demand:

  • Provision of Requirements and Verification Engineering contribution regarding management of requirements including traceability and eventual verification control activities
  • Expert contribution to integrated approaches regarding lifecycle engineering and model-based engineering
  • Expert contribution to strategic tool considerations, including potential usage of other requirement management tools than IBM DOORS within the integrated EUMETSAT tool framework


Services to the GSSE/RVE Team including:

  • Continuous maintenance, documentation and improvement of the EUMETSAT DOORS Engineering Data Model (EDEDaM) including informative materials
  • Continuous maintenance, documentation and improvement of the VERDI component of EDEDaM with focus on information items to be submitted to boards
  • Continuous Maintenance of the DOORS IT infrastructure and its DXL customizations
  • Continuous contribution to the RVE information area maintenance
  • On-demand delivery of trainings owned and offered by the RVE team
  • On-demand participation in regular RVE team meetings
  • Continuous operation of a DOORS user group in the framework and under the authority of the RVE team


  • Master’s degree in System Engineering or equivalent
  • At least 6 years experience
  • System Engineering and IV&V related activities for at least one major element of a ground segment for Earth Observation Missions
  • Professional DOORS Administration and management in a service-oriented environment
  • Space engineering and relevant standard material as ECSS, ISO16404
  • Customization of DOORS including provision of effective and maintainable extensions in the DXL extension language
  • Requirements Engineering and Systems Engineering, as applied to the space/aerospace domain
  • Experience with document generation and RPE
  • Possession of an IREB CRPE certification or an INCOSE Systems Engineering certification
  • Knowledge and/or experience with configuration control processes and multi-level change processes
  • Fluency in English

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