Satellite Power Subsystem Engineer (m/f)

Milan or Rome, Italy, OHB System

Field(s) of expertise
Electronics Engineering
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About this job

With over 37 years of experience in high technology together with its integrated skills in the areas of space technology and telematics, OHB Group is ideally positioned as one of the leading independent forces in the European space, aeronautics and telematics industry.

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  • Analysis of the Satellite Mission Requirements from the Customer, delivery of the Electrical Power Budget(Satellite units consumption, Solar Array delivered power,battery charge/discharge cycling, Power Conditioning Unit dissipation) during the various Satellite phases, simulation of possible Operational scenarios.
  • Perform and/or coordinate electrical analysis showing compliance to the requirements
  • Interaction with other subsystems/units responsible(mission, structure, mechanical, thermal, Data Handling,safety, PAand AOCS) for the definition and clarification ofthe relevant constraints and interfaces, and analyses exchanges
  • Define the EPS electrical Architecture, design of the Subsystem at high level, sizing of the EPS units (Solar Array (SA), Power Conditioning and Distribution unit (PCDU), Battery(BAT)
  • Issue of the EPS Requirement Specification and issue of EPS Design Report, with relevant EPS Electrical scheme,block diagram, high level and IF electrical analysis
  • Issue of the power units (SA, PCDU, BAT) procurement specification, taking into account the performed Power/Energy analysis, Concurrent development with the other subsystems (thermal/mechanical constrains, quality requirements, mission requirement, Integration and testing,etc.), and from the requirements coming from the applied space engineering standard (typically ECSS standard)
  • Technical evaluation of the received proposal from external suppliers for the procurement of PCDU, SA and BAT, selection of the suppliers, and their interface.
  • Contribution and participation to the Customer and subcontractors reviews
  • Leading technical role in the subcontractor design,development and testing of the units, (review of supplier documentation, performance assessment, units/board selectrical scheme review, units/boards prototype first evaluation, further model developments) and their compliance to the requirements.
  • Technical Interface with the Customer in order to demonstrate the adequacy of the proposed EPS design and the fulfilment of the High-level requirements.
  • Contribution to the Satellite test plan, and participation to the Satellite test and launch phases


  • Master Degree in Electronic Engineering or or comparible qualification
  • Several years of professional experience in the field of electrical systems engineering for Space applications
  • Experience in satellite system verification and test activities
  • Knowledge of power electronic equipment design, DC Converter design and control. Knowledge of circuits and signals Interfaces
  • Knowledge of European space standards and rules and relevant documentation
  • Good interpersonal skills, ability to work in team and to manage client/customer relationship, ability to manage work overhead and contingency issues
  • Excellent communication skills, flexibility and ability to work independently
  • Fluency in spoken and written English