About us

Bradford Space is a world-beating space systems group building non-toxic propulsion, space station facilities, deep space missions, and attitude control systems. With locations in The Netherlands, Sweden, USA (California & New York) and Luxembourg, Bradford Space has a global presence.

The company originated from Bradford Engineering B.V., a Netherlands based supplier of Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS), Propulsion, Avionics and Thermal solutions for spacecraft. Our expertise in the field of satellite propulsion covers the entire range from cold gas, gas feed systems for electrical thrusters, to chemical propulsion.

In 2017, Bradford acquired ECAPS, otherwise known as Ecological Advanced Propulsion Systems, marking a major expansion into non-toxic propulsion systems.

In 2018, Bradford expanded its reach by acquiring Deep Space Industries, establishing a presence in Silicon Valley, and expanding into the realm of deep space missions, asteroid mining and water-based propulsion.

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