Most Frequently Asked questions

Space-Defence-Security-Jobs (SDS-Jobs) is a jobs platform specifically targeted to the Space, Defence and Security vertical. We use AI technology, advertising and ux optimisation to streamline and enhance the jobs searching process for both job seekers and employers. SDS-Jobs is a product of AI-Recruiting. Below we have answered the

For Job Seekers

1. How will I know I applied to an open job position?

You will receive a confirmation email from us, that your application has been successfully sent. If your application is of interest to the company advertising, they will contact you directly.

2. How can SDS-Jobs help me get a job?

Apply with a few clicks to different space, defence and security organisations from all over the world. Discover the most exciting engineering opportunities at prestigious companies. Find unique career opportunities related to your expertise! From start-ups to international agencies. Upload your CV via our chatbot Julia, and she will scan and match your CV to open jobs within our database in real-time.

3. Why do I need an SDS-Jobs account?

The simple answer is, you don’t! But, if you do create an account with SDS-Jobs you can save your CV and job searching preferences, so the next time you log in again we can automatically suggest potential new opportunities for you.

4. When will an employer contact me after I have applied to a job?

This is at the discretion of the employer. Each employer will have a different recruitment process. SDS-Jobs only transmit your application to the employer we do not have any control or visibility over the recruitment process once we have sent over your applications.

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For Employers

1. How does SDS-Jobs work for an employer?

As an employer, you simple create a profile on SDS-Jobs showcasing your company. Once you have entered some basic information and have chosen you subscription packages (Premium or Advertiser – see below for details) you can start posting and managing your jobs profiles. You will have access to a dashboard with a history of all jobs posted, Jobs will automatically close at the deadline set by you but you can extend them or re-open them as you wish. Every time a candidate applies to one of your job you will get notification via email. His CV and motivation letter if required will be attached to the email.

2. What are Premium Subscriptions and what does it cost?

The Premium subscription for employers delivers the best value to employers, and to candidates too! The benefits are listed below:

  • Unlimited job postings
  • Free data-driven job advertising and job seekers attraction on top digital channels
  • Only pay 5% of the annual salary when you hire
  • We pay 50% of your fee (2.5% of their annual salary) to candidates when they get hired
  • Candidates’ resume gets matched to your job opportunities through our AI-driven engine
  • All your job postings managed in one place

3. What are Advertising Subscriptions and what do they cost?

With an Advertiser subscription, potential interested candidate are redirected to your ATS when applying for your job. This is a good option for companies who have a strict recruitment process and cannot accept application via emails. With an Advertiser subscription, you get the following:

  • Unlimited job postings
  • Pay per job post (€200) Currently free for 6 months upon company signup
  • Platform used as job board only
  • Candidates are sent to your website or ATS system when applying
  • All your job postings managed in one place.

4. How do I post a job on SDS-Jobs?

For help with our job posting flow, including a step-by-step guide, see the article on how to start posting jobs on SDS-Jobs

5. How should I write my job description?

Simply follow the template when you access the Post a job section within your account. We have use drop-down to facilitate the process.

  • Avoid acronyms and internal jargon in descriptions that quality job seekers would not search for.
  • Detail day-to-day responsibilities of the position
  • Make sure to specify any required or preferred certifications or degrees the role requires.

6. How long does it take for my job to be visible on SDS-Jobs?

Your job profile will be online as soon as you click the publish button.

7. How does SDS-Jobs help me with my hiring?

Employers have access to their dashboard where they can view open jobs, extend deadlines, re-open jobs or clone similar jobs. But where we really help in your hiring process and cutting down the hiring time is that our chatbot (Julia will use our AI-driven matching engines to match candidates CVs with job profile.

8. Where do you advertise my jobs?

If you have subscribed to the Premium subscription package we will advertise your jobs to targeted audience on LinkedIn and Google.

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