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Hiring tips: for finding the ideal job

Whether you are an aerospace engineer just starting your career journey and looking for hiring advice or an experienced cybersecurity specialist wanting to stay connected with the latest industry updates, our blog has you covered. What are the top positions at the moment in the space industry? How to optimise your CV and secure that interview? How to become an aerospace engineer? What are some fool-proof interview tips to follow? What is it like working in defence? This blog will help you stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge and help you succeed in your space job or defence job hunting journey.

Recruitment tips: for finding the ideal candidate

If you are a hiring manager or recruiter in the space and defence industry and are looking into improving your recruitment strategy, this blog is here to help. Here you will find recruitment tips, advice, as well as valuable information on how our product can help you hire the best talent faster and more efficiently. How to source highly-skilled software engineers? What are the most common recruitment mistakes to avoid? How is AI impacting recruitment? What is a recruitment chatbot and how can you use it to hire faster? Keep an eye on this blog, and stay in the know on how to optimise your hiring process.