About us

Space travel. Inspiring. Europe.

We’re the DLR Space Applications Institute mbH – the DLR GfR for short. From our control center in Operpfaffenhofen near Munich, we monitor the operation of Galileo – the European global satellite navigation, timing, and positioning system.
Galileo is the only satellite navigation system of its kind under civil control – and it’s the most precise, too. On behalf of the European Commission, we head up all the tasks that ensure the secure and error-free operation of the mission. Something over 1.4 billion smartphone users rely upon each and every day.

Our services cover everything you’ll need for a successful satellite mission – from the very first idea to way beyond the launch. Both in orbit and on Earth.

Two ground control stations, 26 satellites, 24-hour service and 99.9% availability. And all of it can only be made possible thanks to our strong, dedicated team. For over a decade now, it’s been the passionate driving force behind our projects.

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