About us

HyImpulse is developing a Game-changing European Mini-Launcher for Small Satellites. The identified Small Satellite customers for the HyImpulse Mini-Launcher are from both the private and public sectors, addressing a €300 Billion (p.a.) space market, for which launch vehicle access is scarce and limited to a single actor in Europe. Our hybrid rocket engines are especially suited for a rapid entry to market. They are inherently low-cost and safe, with very low cost of propellants (paraffin and liquid oxygen), allowing fast and flexible operation of the launch service. Our inherently safe hybrid rocket propulsion technology has been flight proven already in our previous HyEnD project.

Our first product will be a sounding rocket that will carry 350 kg of payload to 200 km altitude (suborbit). The sounding rocket also serves as a technology demonstrator, since it will use our main hybrid rocket engine, which is designed also for the Mini-Launcher. Further key subsystems of the Mini-Launcher are also tested in the sounding rocket. Our main product, a Mini-Launcher, will lift up to 500 kg to a Low-Earth orbit.

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