About us

Infostellar is an innovative SME looking to revolutionise the ground segment, democratising and adding flexibility to the way that operators access their satellites, through our cloud-based platform StellarStation.

Fragmented ground services consume satellite businesses’ time and resources, hindering expansion and increasing costs, and from our inception in 2016, this is something we have actively been trying to change.

A Tokyo based start-up, we have spent the last four years building our product and solidifying our base in Japan, whilst simultaneously ensuring that we are also addressing the needs of the industry in Europe, where we established our base in London in 2019, as well as the USA, both of which will continue to be areas of interest to us for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.

Our focus in 2020 has been to continue growing our StellarStation platform to reach a wider range of satellite customers as well as to grow the ground stations that are a part of our network, as well as the growth of Infostellar.

In Q2 of this year, we raised a total of $3.5M in a round of CB funding with existing investors Airbus Ventures and Sony Innovation Fund, whilst also welcoming new investors Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital and Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance. This brought our cumulative total of funds raised to $11.5M USD. We also increased the employees in our UK office, and hope to continue expanding globally in 2021.

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