About us

SatixFy is a leading provider of Satellite and Quasi-Satellite communication technology that radically reduces the cost, size, weight, power and increases performance of User-Terminals, Payloads and Gateway equipment, and the cost of the air-time (OPEX) of the satellite capacity. The company targets very big markets such as the people unconnected to the internet , IoT devices for private networks and rural areas as well as drone communications.

SatixFy's SoCs and products enable substantial lower cost terminals, much higher capacity utilization from the payload platforms and low power architecture for battery operated IoT devices and payload solutions and as such increase the size of the markets. All of this is achieved by utilizing unique internally developed patent pending algorithms and Intellectual Property that are embedded into the company's products.
The company started shipping its first SoC, SX-3000B, the core of user-terminals, to leading VSAT providers and its initial drone payloads to defense customers.

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