Mons, Belgium, Sapienza Consulting [AAS RFQ-NCISG-05-20]

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Telecommunications Engineering
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Sapienza Consulting is recruiting a SATCOM Engineer to work at NATO NCIA in Mons, Belgium.



1.1 Terms

NCISG—NATO Communication and Information Systems Group

UTSGT – Upgraded Transportable Satellite Ground Terminal

1.2 Introduction

This Statement of Work (SOW) describes requirement for service of commercial contractor in NCISG HQ J5 Division as Deployable CIS (DCIS) SATCOM Engineer to develop Integrated UTSGT Operator Manual


2.1 Scope of Work

2.1.1 To author integrated Upgraded Transportable Satellite Ground Terminal (UTSGT) Operator Manual strictly observing given below Project Implementation Milestones (PIM) and specific requirements

Project Implementation Milestones: 1st step (first 3 months) 25% project completeness

  1. By first month: incumbent to provide his road map / action plan (list of stakeholders and engagement plan, NSBs/DCMs visit plan, VTC schedule, steps road map achievement)
  2. Internal meeting to present road map/action plan (to J5 CDII BH and /or J5 DH)
  3. Kick of meeting followed by workshops with stakeholders (NCIA/NBSs/DCMs Eng/Tech., NCIA, NCISG J2/6 Comm Eng.). Make intensive use of VTC
  4. NSBs/DCMs visit, if necessary
  5. By end of 3 months incumbent to finalize development of Integrated Operator Manual structure and collect main necessary technical details / information to develop the Manual
  6. Update meeting at end of 3 months to provide update status report and way forward (to J5 CDII BH and/or J5 DH) 2nd step (second 3 months) 50% project completeness

  1. Complete collection of necessary detailed technical information
  2. Develop Initial draft of main body of UTSGT Integrated Operator Manual
  3. Workshops with NCIA/NSBs/DCMs technicians and Engineers , if still necessary (make intensive use of VTC)
  4. Update meeting at end of 3 months to present initial draft of UTSGT Integrated Operator Manual and way forward (to J5 CDII and/or J5 DH, J2/6 Comms Eng.) 3rd step (third 3 months) 75% project completeness

  1. Final coordination and approval from stakeholders and SMEs (NSBs Eng, DCOMs Tech., J2/6 Comms Eng., NCIA SME)
  2. Release final draft of UTSGT Integrated Operator Manual (including annexes)
  3. Update meeting at end of 3 months to present final draft of UTSGT Manual and way forward 4th step (fourth 3 months (by end of)) 100% project completeness

  1. Integrated Operator Manual completion finalised
  2. Presentation of UTSGT Manual to J5 Div Head
  3. Formal Delivery of Manual in hard copy and digital copy

2.1.1 When authoring manual, contractor will have to: regularly validate accuracy and consistency of data with NCIA Deployable SATCOM Engineer integrate various operator manuals, as provided by NCIA and NCISG, into coherent inter-active combined/integrated UTSGT operator manual Contribute to planning of interfaces/gateways to SATCOM operating instructions and interconnectivity to deployed CIS Environment Liaise with NCIA CIS Sustainment Support Centre (CSSC) Maintenance Section, NCISG HQ, NATO Signal Battalions (NSB’s) and NATO CIS School (NCISS/NATO CIS Academy) to ensure fully compatible manual. This will be done with assistance of NCIA Deployable SATCOM Engineer and other personnel as instructed Carry out incident, fault and trend analysis and develop engineering change proposals, if any anomalies are discovered whilst integrating manual information Report any technical anomalies if discovered during authoring of manual to NCIA Deployable SATCOM Engineer so that remedial action can be actioned Assist NCIA Deployable SATCOM Engineer in validating accuracy and consistency of data in related databases Provide reports, briefings, position papers and presentations to senior management on various aspects of project (Integrated UTSGT Operator Manual) execution Provide continuous analysis & advice on the project execution and relevant matters Assist in coordination of all activities associated with development of manual (test, security, training, logistics, documentation, etc.) required to support operation of UTSGTs by NCISG Assist with analysis, design and recommended implementation procedures and business processes to optimize role out and availability of this product Provide input with respect to development and amendment of NCISG Standard Operating Procedures and Operating and Support Instructions

2.2 Background, Work Site Information and Environment

NCISG HQ is located in Casteau, Belgium. Work will be conducted at various locations which include but are not limited to NCISG HQ, three NSB’s (Grazzanise Italy, Bydgoszcz Poland, Wesel Germany), Oeiras Portugal (NCIA Academy), CSSC (Brunssum, Netherlands) and some DCM’s (UK, Denmark, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey). Working locations will both within typical Secure Facility / and various CIS Facilities and field site environments. Slightly Undesirable Conditions may apply (such as working in an office with other staff or possible need to change office location)

2.4 Availability of Contractor/Consultant

Individual is requested on a full time basis during the duration of the contract

2.7 Travel

Individual will be required to travel to other NATO Headquarters’ and/or remote sites. Such travel is normally of short duration, up to 1 week and may occur frequently

2.8 Physical Security/Safety Requirements

Individual will be briefed on approved site physical security, safety regulations and emergency services upon arrival. Access passes will be provided subject to Host Nation/Base regulations

2.9 Direction and Evaluation

Individual is expected to establish his/her own daily routine based on self-assessment of defined requirements and priorities. Designated PM may provide additional guidance as required or requested and may provide prioritization of work. Designated supervisor (COTR) will evaluate performance considering completion of project implementation milestones

2.10 Quality Assurance

Formal monthly meeting between individual and supervisor (COTR) / alternative will be scheduled in order to evaluate performance

2.11 Hours of Operations:

Normal working hours for place of work are as follows: Monday to Thursday 0830 – 1730 and Friday 0830 – 1530. Lunch is 1 hour to be taken between 1130 and 1345

2.12 Recognized Holidays

NCISG HQ follows SHAPE official holiday schedule, a copy of which will be provided


All computer/network related equipment and other office equipment will be provided


5.1 UTSGT Integrated Operator Manual delivered in accordance with PIM timelines

5.2 Monthly Execution Report – Monthly Execution Report depicting number of working days on the project with project deliverable sheet updated monthly


  • Required Security Clearance: NATO SECRET
  • English: Listening, speaking, reading and writing shall be at a NATO level of English 3333
  • Knowledge in design, development, implementation, maintenance and operation of SATCOM network and management and control systems
  • Knowledge of SATCOM systems / terminals operating in L, X and Ku bands including baseband, modems, up converters, down converters, power amplifiers, LNA, SATCOM Antenna and antenna’s subsystem’s, UPS, Power generators
  • Knowledge and practical experience in SATCOM testing and test equipment
  • Knowledge of SATCOM software related tools and practical experience in satellite loading analysis and link budget calculations
  • Knowledge of tools and software related with spectrum monitoring and frequency coordination matters
  • Proof of professional technical writing
  • University degree or higher secondary education combined with intermediate-level vocational training or military experience in a field or fields related to the duties of the position


Desirable Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of NATO SATCOM Systems, preferably deployed
  • Experienced user of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • Knowledge and experience of communications networks, utilising CISCO equipment
  • Knowledge and experience of antivirus products and an appreciation of network security issues
  • Experience in deployable NATO CIS planning and/or operations


Candidates must be eligible to work in the EU

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