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Bydgoszcz, Poland, Sapienza Consulting [IFIB-ACT-JFTC 20-42 ]

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Sapienza Consulting is recruiting a SharePoint Admin to join NATO – NCIA, at Bydgoszcz, Poland




The Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) plans, prepares, and executes static and distributed combined and joint training in support of warfighting readiness. The JFTC is committed to warfare development through concept development and maintenance of joint doctrine and standards while coordinating the integration of experimentation, capability development, and interoperability to improve NATO’s interoperability, capabilities, and operational effectiveness. The JFTC contributes to the development and strengthening of relationships and the integration of national training and command organisations, regional security organizations, and partners in accordance with established policy and principles


2.1. The JFTC comprises the Commander (COM) and Command Group (CG) with Staff Advisory Group (SAG), and three functionally aligned Staff Divisions. The Headquarters Support Division (HSD) is responsible for infrastructure and resources; the Training Division (TD) is responsible for the delivery of training; and the Plans & Development Division (PDD) which focuses on future planning & programming, training capability & concept development support to ACT in the warfare development domain (including tests and experiments), and on analysis for training and internal optimization

2.2. The COM provides leadership for the JFTC to fulfil its mission. The Deputy Commander/Chief of Staff (DCOM/COS), the SAG and the three Staff Division Heads advise and assist the COM in fulfilling his duties

2.3. The DCOM/COS as the senior Information Manager leads and coordinates all aspects of the Staff’s work in support of the Commander, including tasking, direction and guidance, cross-staff support, oversight and management of resources and the development and delivery of training and experiments

2.4. The Director of Management (DOM) is responsible for the JFTC battle rhythm, the information systems and procedures, protocol support and functions, and the coordination of the support to the CG and is the JFTC Information and Knowledge Management Manager

2.5. The Provider shall provide deliverables within information and knowledge management functional administration domain to support SharePoint based systems (such as Enterprise Document Management System (EDMS), Tasker Tracker Plus (TT+), Intranet and Extranet portals) crucial to all the JFTC’s staff (users). The (IKM)/Central Registry (CR) Branch Head (Information and Knowledge Officer) shall provide the Provider direction and guidance of Information and Knowledge. The Provider should provide technical expertise in support of the development of IKM institutional tools


3.1. Type of Contract. This is a Firm Fixed Price Deliverables Based Contract in accordance with the JFTC General Contract Terms and Conditions; all employer responsibilities for the Provider Personnel (Resources) performing under this Contract shall lie with the Provider

3.2. Level of Effort. The Provider shall apply best efforts towards accomplishing tasks and deliverables as described in paragraph 4 of this SOW. In order to provide deliverables the expectation is that the Contractor will provide services mainly between mainly between 0730 and 1530 on JFTC duty days within the period of performance. The Contractor shall apply best efforts towards accomplishing the contract deliverables prior contract end date

3.3. Period of Performance

3.3.1. Base period. From 01 August 2020 or contract award date, until 31 December 2020

3.3.2. Option periods. There are three (3) option periods:

– Option period One: from 01 January 2021 to 31 December 2021

– Option period Two: from 01 January 2022 to 31 December 2022

– Option period Three: from 01 January 2023 to 31 December 2023

Option periods may be exercised at the sole discretion of the JFTC Contracting Officer, upon satisfactory performance, available funding, and ongoing/ evolving requirements


Provider shall support IKM/CR Branch under the direction and guidance of IKM/CR BH within the Command Group. Each Work Package (WP) shall be delivered annually, except for the Base Period (Aug – Dec 2020) for which the WPs shall be delivered proportionally (5/12 of each WP). The specific tasks and deliverables are as follows:

4.1. Work Package 1 – Preparation of training

4.1.1. Prepare a dedicated annual IKM training for the newcomers and integrate in JFTC internal staff training

4.1.2. Prepare the IKM Electronic Working Practices (EWP) training as part of annual internal training

4.1.3. Develop up to 2 x IKM EWP training for the JFTC staff (1 training during contract base period)

4.1.4. Prepare SharePoint environment for internal JFTC staff training on Exercise Network

4.1.5. Develop up to 4 x advanced portals’ administration trainings for Information and (IKMSOs) Knowledge Management Support Officers (1 training during contract base period)

4.1.6. Prepare up to 4 x SharePoint advanced administration training for IKMSOs (1 training during contract base period)

4.2. Work Package 2 – Delivery of training

4.2.1. Deliver IKM training for the newcomers during annual internal staff training

4.2.2. Deliver IKM EWP training as part of annual internal training

4.2.3. Deliver up to 2 x IKM EWP training for the JFTC staff (1 training during contract base period)

4.2.4. Deliver up to 4 x advanced portals’ administration training for IKMSOs (1 training during contract base period)

4.2.5. Deliver up to 4 x SharePoint advanced administration training for IKMSOs (1 training during contract base period)

4.3. Work Package 3 – Participation in Working Groups (WGs)/Conferences in support of and as instructed by COTR/IKM Branch Head

4.3.1. Participate in maximum 2 x Bi-Strategic Command IKM WG (2 x 4 days) and prepare trip reports afterwards

4.3.2. Participate in maximum 3 x NATO Information Management Group (3 x 4 days) and prepare trip reports afterwards

4.4. Work Package 4 – JFTC NATO Secret SharePoint portal design and verification on daily basis (JFTC Operating Days)

4.4.1. Implement Bi-SC IKM WG technical recommendations related to all aspects of the SharePoint solutions

4.4.2. Implement NIMAGs’ technical recommendations related to all aspects of the SharePoint solutions

4.4.3. Collect SharePoint portal faults

4.4.4. Capture and maintain up to date SharePoint solution detail documentation and configuration control including custom coding

4.4.5. Verify all links to key portals, divisions’ subpages, JFTC directives and Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs), IKM tools, including EDMS and TT+ and other JFTC resources and update/add or modify them in accordance with the JFTC needs

4.4.6. Create a set of collaboration workspaces needed for the JFTC exercises

4.4.7. Update of the EDMS, TT+ and NATO Information Portal metadata

4.4.8. Verify e-forms correctness with the current JFTC directives/SOPs

4.4.9. Develop JFTC portals as requested by JFTC staff

4.4.10. Verify and update privileges for JFTC users (roles, site groups, permissions)

4.5. While providing above listed WPs the Provider shall liaisewith NCIA on the following topics:

4.5.1. Obtain/update documentation of implemented software/tools

4.5.2. Obtain/update or create custom developed source code documentation

4.5.3. Obtain the training material used to support the implementation and update IKMSOs concerning new implementations

4.5.4. Obtain back-up and disaster recovery strategy

4.5.5. Provide feedback and JFTC users’ expectations on Service Levels

4.5.6. Submit SharePoint faults in order to ensure services are maintained according to agreed service levels


5.1. Performance requirements. The Contracting Officer shall assign a Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR). The COTR shall receive a letter of appointment from the Contracting Officer that describes in detail his roles and responsibilities to which he shall sign formal acceptance. The COTR shall provide direction, guidance, and support information as needed for all technical and content areas of the SOW. Specifically, the COTR shall:

– On behalf of the Contracting Officer attempt to resolve outstanding disputes, problems, deficiencies, and/or questions on the technical aspects of the SOW

– Review (and approve) all Provider duties for completeness and accuracy

– Review the Provider’s work at a minimum of monthly, or more often if needed

– The COTR’s written approval of work reported and deliverables submitted is mandatory for Provider invoices to be successfully processed

5.2. Provider Reporting. The Provider shall submit a monthly report to the COTR, detailing progress on the SOW for the reporting period. The report shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:

– Summary of deliverables completed during reporting period

– Deliverables performed for reporting period

– Deliverables to be performed for the upcoming period

– Current or anticipated problems/deficiencies and recommended solutions

The COTR has the right to amend the reporting requirements to receive alternate/additional data and information on a more frequent basis, and to request other reports that detail designated aspects of the work or methods to remedy problems and deficiencies


6.1. Overview. Any personnel deployed by the Provider to deliver the services and execute tasks under this SOW shall meet the following minimum professional requirements. Replacement of the appointed Provider Resources due to illness or other unforeseen events is acceptable over the life of the resulting contract. In such case, the Provider shall immediately notify the Contracting Officer, and shall subject to the concurrence of the Contracting Officer, promptly replace such Resources with personnel of at least equal ability and qualifications. All requests for approval of substitutions hereunder must be in writing and provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances necessitating the proposed substitutions. They must contain a complete resume for the proposed substitute, and any other information requested by the Contracting Officer to approve or disapprove the proposed substitution. The Contracting Officer or his authorized representative will evaluate such requests and promptly notify the Provider of his approval or disapproval thereof in writing. If the Contracting Officer determines that suitable and timely replacement of Provider Resources who have been reassigned, terminated or have otherwise become unavailable for the contract deliverables is not reasonably forthcoming or that the resultant reduction of productive effort would be so substantial as to impair the successful completion of the contract or the services ordered, the contract may be terminated by the Contracting Officer for default or for the convenience of the JFTC, as appropriate, or, at the discretion of the Contracting Officer if he finds the Provider at fault for the condition, the contract price or fixed fee may be equitably adjusted downward to compensate the JFTC for any resultant delay, loss, or damage


9.1. JFTC shall provide all necessary working space; office furniture; telephones; computers, software, peripherals and support equipment; office supplies; classified/unclassified storage space; and access to unclassified and classified NATO wide area networks (WAN) (granted on as needed basis to individuals with appropriate security clearances) and the Internet for work to be performed at all NATO sites

9.2. The Provider shall:

9.2.1. Provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and services (except as otherwise specified) necessary to support all work requirements under this Contract

9.2.2. Ensure that all equipment carried/brought into JFTC premises (i.e. laptops, tablets etc.) is reported to the JFTC. This equipment shall be checked and registered by the JFTC Security Officer prior to its usage

9.2.3. Be responsible for proper utilization and safeguarding of all JFTC property provided for Provider use. At the end of the assignment, all JFTC facilities, equipment, and materials shall be secured. Provider personnel must immediately report damage to JFTC facilities and equipment upon discovery of such damage. Equipment found to be defective must also be reported in a timely manner to allow for repair or replacement. These reports will be submitted to the designated COTR


10.1. With reference to the personal security clearances and facility security clearance, the NATO Directive on Industrial Security (AC/35-D/2003-REV4) applies

10.2. Personal Security Clearance

Provider shall be responsible for obtaining all needed security clearances for its personnel performing the services under this SOW prior to starting work on this SOW. The Provider must secure a NATO Secret security clearance to work at the JFTC. No waiver to this requirement shall be granted. There is no possibility to assign any personnel without having the needed clearance in place. If the Provider cannot assign personnel with the required security clearance on the start date, the Provider shall be liable for bid non-compliance or immediate contract termination. The Provider must provide advance written proof of the ability to assign fully cleared personnel prior to contract award/ start. The Provider is fully responsible for arranging all work visas

10.3. Provider’s Facility Security Clearance

The Provider shall provide to the JFTC a proof of possessing a NATO Facility Security Clearance – NATO Secret level prior the contract starting date

10.4. The Bidders may provisionally participate in a bidding process pending final receipt of the national clearances. However, all clearances required to execute the contract should be in-place prior to contract award

10.5. Security Conditions

The Provider must adhere to current security conditions at the JFTC and other work sites. The Provider personnel shall comply with all local host nation, NATO security provisions and other policies and procedures, as required. Access passes will be provided subject to the JFTC regulations

10.6. Confidentiality requirements:

The Provider shall keep confidential any information obtained under or in connection with this Contract and shall not divulge the same to any third party without the prior written consent of JFTC. The provisions of this Clause shall continue in force notwithstanding the termination of this Contract regardless of the cause for termination


JFTC will retain ownership of all documents and products produced under the contract. Documents shall be identified as being the property of JFTC and shall not be copied, reproduced or utilized for any other purpose, without the written consent of JFTC. The Provider shall have the right to retain file copies only when agreed to by JFTC, and it does not infringe upon an individual’s rights to confidentiality


JFTC reserves the right to refuse services and to remove from the Contract any individual provided by the Provider due to poor performance, misconduct, security breaches, or if found to be or suspected to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other incapacitating agent or any other reason based on a failure to satisfy the requirements of this SOW. The Provider shall remove immediately the personnel from performing under this Contract upon notification by the Contracting Officer. Once the Provider is notified that a particular individual has been disqualified, the Provider shall not provide services of such person in any JFTC function, unless reinstatement is granted by the Contracting Officer


Provider shall issue invoices after successful completion of each the Work Packages or Monthly Milestones of Work Package 4 or each travel deliverables defined in Work Package 3. The invoice should be supplemented with the report according to Para 5.2. In case the Provider provided less services within particular Monthly Milestone (due to absence of Provider’s Delegated Resources or delivery of WP3) the invoice shall be proportionally reduced, i.e. in case a particular Monthly Milestone has 20 JFTC Operating Days and the services are not provided during 5 JFTC Operating Days then the invoice shall be reduced by 25%


Personal Appearance. Any personnel working under this contract shall present a professional appearance commensurate with standards delineated for government civilian/military personnel acting in similar capacities



  • Current NATO SECRET Clearance
  • Minimum 2 years of experience using and managing SharePoint sites with hands on experience in: Creating and managing SharePoint libraries; Creating and managing SharePoint lists; Assigning access rights for site / page / library / folder / file permissions from the Active Directory
  • Practical knowledge of web content management and implementation of SharePoint Servers information management policies
  • Experience in MS SQL Server implementation and administration
  • Fault resolution and problem management experience with SharePoint
  • In-depth experience in Windows Server 2016 environment administration (including Active Directory, patches, security updates, upgrades, antivirus, etc.)
  • PowerShell practical knowledge and experience
  • JavaScript practical knowledge and experience
  • Broad experience in configuration, deployment and development of custom sites, solutions, enterprise features, search, Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and Business Data Connectivity (BDC)
  • Experience in Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.0 (web and Intranet) services configuration and administration
  • Experience in administration of EDMS and TT+
  • Native English language speaker or individual presenting very good command of spoken and written English, with a proven ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing at the level of (SLP) NATO STANAG 6001 – 3333 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)


Candidates must be eligible to work in the EU

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