LMS helpdesk contractor (NATO-NCIA)

Remote, Belgiumoff-site, Sapienza Consulting [AAS2020-0058 ]

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Software Engineering Information Technology
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Sapienza Consulting is recruiting a LMS helpdesk contractor to join NATO-NCIA, to work off site



  1. SCOPE

The use of e-Learning is growing within NATO with over 2400 new users each month. The number of courses available is growing as well and NATO is also required to support our partners. HQ SACT according to new adaptation plan, does not have a function to administer JADL learning management system (LMS). The current single LMS delivery from HQ SACT on NS and NU (and NCIA test server on NR) is not capable of proving disaster recovery as well as supporting multiple users from various geographic locations efficiently.NCIA as the CIS provider for NATO need to be involved with the planning and execution of the deployment of a sustainable core system for NATO. JADL will require full support and knowledge from the agency. HQ SACT working with NCIA (Norfolk Sector) for the last 15 years deploying NATO e-Learning servers using software Ilias. Running on NU, NR and NS networks they support the delivery of e-Learning to all of NATO and partners. At present HQ SACT along with NCIA Norfolk Sector operate the servers for all of NATO. This requires a level of support above standard HQ SACT SLA, as the system supports operations, exercises and academic uses


To provide to HQ SACT JFD Division:

  • 1) Describe in detail working process and cost of helpdesk for JADL, run by NCIA Centralized Service Desk
  • 2) Implement Proof of Concept

A Describe in detail the working process and cost of a helpdesk for JADL, run by the NCIA Centralized Service Desk

A_1 Analyse current ways of working in JADL help desk in detail

A_2 Provide NCIA Centralized Service Desk with all ‘due diligence’ information so that they can assess:

‐ NCI Academy’s needs and issues in regards to technology support

‐ IT organization’s capabilities and capacity to provide support

A_3 Engage with NCIA Centralised helpdesk and jointly develop a costed help desk model with clearly defined roles for Centralised helpdesk, NCI Academy staff, and CSU Norfolk

B Implement the Proof of Concept

B_1 Engage with CSU Norfolk and centralized helpdesk to implement a Proof of concept of JADL help desk model as identified in deliverable A

4.4. Timeline

LMS contractor is to start working from 12 October 2020 remotely. Our customer’s request is to finalize activities before end of 2020. Working hours are 7.6 hours per working day (typically 09.00‐17.30 including one‐hour cumulative breaks during day). Standard working week at NCI Agency is 38 hours per week (over 5 working days). In exceptional cases, working hours will be adjusted to match operational demand. Time will be compensated accordingly after approval by Task Order Officer

Full‐time presence is preferred however short breaks to support other projects can be accommodated through period of performance. Leave periods will be agreed by Task Order Officer

  1. Travel

LMS contractor will work from his/her own location, no travel required

Activities – Describe and implement a PoC for JADL helpdesk support

Deliverables – A. Describe in detail working process and cost of helpdesk for JADL, run by NCIA Centralized Service Desk – Q3 2020; B. Implement Proof of Concept – Q4 2020



The LMS helpdesk contractor will hold a university degree at a nationally recognised/certified University in the related discipline (technical subject with substantial Information Technology (IT) or Computer Sciences subjects). A Master of Science Degree is recommended for the level defined in section 2 (SSC Level 2). Exceptionally, the lack of a university degree may be compensated by the demonstration of particular abilities, civilian/military qualifications or experience of interest to NCI Agency. Additionally it would be considered highly desirable if you hold formal qualifications and training in:

  • Software Development
  • Electrotechnology

LMS helpdesk contractor will demonstrate, as a minimum, 24 months (within last 3 years) relevant experience in systems support or software engineering post; with background in System Engineering and knowledge in following areas:

  • PHP applications, ideally experience with ILIAS
  • Web services (e.g. AWS)
  • Help desk support services
  • Product/Services Development
  • Database Management
  • Managed Services

In addition, contractor is required to have basic understanding of Joint Advanced Distributed Learning (JADL) system, as it is used currently in NATO

  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, proactivity and strong sense of team work
  • Working as part of a software engineering and testing team
  • Ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing


Candidates must be eligible to work in the EU

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