NET Back-End Developer (NATO-NCIA)

Remote, off-siteThe Netherlands, Sapienza Consulting [AAS2020-0070 ]

Field(s) of expertise
Software Engineering Information Technology
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About this job

Sapienza Consulting is recruiting NET Back-End Developer to join NATO-NCIA, to work remotely


  1. Description of the Work
  • NATO is examining adoption of DevSecOps NATO-enterprise wide. To embody this adoption and demonstrate its added value a pathfinder has been requested for. This pathfinder is not only to develop an actual product, but also to come hand in hand with experimenting in deviating from current NATO policies and to inform need of policy changes
  • The pathfinder is to be preceded by a pre-pathfinder to pave the way. The pathfinder will constitute the delivery of one or more medical software applications for NATO, where pre-pathfinder will solely constitute the initial development of just one of these applications, namely the patient tracking application. This application is to support precise and continuous monitoring of location and intended destination patients in the medical treatment and evacuation chain during NATO operations
  • The pre-pathfinder initiative is to develop an initial version of the patient tracking application while employing DevSecOps practices and Agile and Design Thinking processes
  • To support this pre-pathfinder initiative, NATO is seeking the support of external software developers. Through this statement of work, NATO requests a .NET backend developer. This person will be requested to:
  • Participate in design discussions
  • Write the application back-end, namely:
  • The application data model
  • A web API
  • An authentication/authorization service
  • Services to enable interaction with third party systems
  • Business code
  1. Work Location
  • Selected candidate will work from home and meetings will be virtual due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, occasional physical meetings may be desirable at some point and these will then take place at the NCI Agency The Hague office in The Netherlands where possible given travel restrictions
  1. Provision of Hardware and Software
  • Selected candidate would normally be provided with a laptop to conduct their work. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the physical handover of this laptop may be troublesome and the candidate may be requested to make use of a personal device. Furthermore, the selected candidate will be provided with a Visual Studio subscription


  • A NATO security clearance is not required
  • Minimum of 5 years of back-end development experience with: .NET Framework and .NET Core, Entity Framework, and C# programming language
  • Experience with Service-oriented Architecture software design and with development of web APIs
  • Experience with JSON Web Tokens (JWT) or similar token formats such as Security Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML)
  • Experience with Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server or similar relational database management systems such as PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Experience with Design Thinking, Dev(Sec)Ops and Agile software development
  • Experience with cloud computing services such as Microsoft Azure
  • Ability to conduct all work in English
  • Preferably, previous work experience with NATO
  • Preferably, experience with development of Health Information Technology
  • Preferably, an understanding of patient tracking


Candidates must be eligible to work in the EU

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