Engineer (Cyber Security) (NATO NCIA)


Oeiras, Portugal, Sapienza Consulting [AAS-C001258 ]

Field(s) of expertise
Cyber Security
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About this job

We are recruiting an Engineer (Cyber Security) for Sapienza to work on our Customers Site (NATO NCIA) in Portugal.


  • Lead in development/adoption and enforcement of Information Security policies, procedures and standards. Conduct and complete annual review of required NATO regulations and reports.
  • Maintain NATO Security Policies. These are formal policies that detail and document actual mechanisms and controls and include at least following in AoR:
  • Administrative: Risk analysis and management, documentation management and controls, information access controls and sanctions for failure to comply.
  • Personnel Security: Monitor personnel access to sensitive information for which they have appropriate authority and clearance.
  • Physical Safeguards: Assign security responsibilities, control access to media and controls in place against unauthorized access to workstations and related equipment.
  • Technical Security: Set access and authorization controls for everyday operations as well as emergency procedures for data.
  • Transmission security: Set standards for access controls, audit trails, event reporting, encryption and integrity controls.
  • Maintain NATO Security Procedures that include:
    • Evaluation and compliance with security measures.
    • Disaster Recovery and Emergency operating procedures.
    • Security Incident Response and process protocols including Incident Reporting and Sanctions.
    • Testing of security procedures, mechanisms and measures.
  • Maintain appropriate security measures and mechanisms to guard against unauthorized access to electronically stored and /or transmitted classified data and protect against reasonably anticipated threats and hazards.
  • Oversee and/or assist in performing on-going security monitoring of customers organization information systems including:
  • Assess information security risk periodically.
  • Conduct functionality and gap analyses in customers to determine extent to which key business areas and infrastructure comply with NATO statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Evaluate and recommend new information security technologies and countermeasures against threats to information or privacy.
  • Ensure compliance through adequate training/awareness programs and periodic security audits. These audits are both internal and external in nature.
  • Manage and Monitor endpoints/systems security solutions, includes monitoring of systems and laptops for:
    • Patch management (SCCM).
    • Anti-virus management (DLP/EPO & McAfee).
    • Software updates (SCCM).
    • Usage of unlicensed and pirated software.
    • Incidents of policy violations as per information security policy.
    • Monitor of network needs for usage and misuse cases, as well as alerts when any mischief is detected in network; action and investigation will follow.
    • Incident report to NCIRC for investigation (after local investigation process be carried out).
  • Operate regular inspections of systems and network processes for security updates as System/Network Security Officer.
  • Support in elaboration of accreditation processes for several CIS systems under CSU responsibility area.
  • Conduct audit process for initiating security and safety measures and strategies.
  • Customize access to information per rules and necessity (user access services at Active Directory in NU, NS and MS networks).
  • Manage COMSEC Team (Crypto Custodian, Crypto related equipment and Security Inspections at COMSEC area).
  • Monitor CIS Security Service that covers and is limited to below Service Instances to customers at following levels, in coordination with COMSEC team:
    • TCE Configuration and monitoring.
    • TCE patch updates/maintenance.
    • NATO transmission security.
  • Tempest installation survey.


  • Required Security Clearance: NATO Secret
  • Experience in performing accreditation processes, risk management and security architecture design. Participate, as required, in Security Accreditation/Approval meetings representing CSU Lisbon interests.
  • Provide information risk assessment and risk management consulting to technology teams during planning, procurement, and implementation and operating phases of projects.
  • Ensure that security configurations of NCI Agency CSU Lisbon supported systems are properly implemented, monitored, and reported.
  • Work with businesses and technology teams to identify and coordinate deployment of appropriate compensating controls to address security and risk gaps (residual risk management).
  • Assist technology teams in implementation of required security controls.
  • Maintain security baseline settings and information for hardware and software items.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable NATO security regulations and conditions of security approvals and/or accreditations.
  • Remain current on emerging technology trends and associated information security issues surrounding them.
  • Experience working within classified network environment;
  • Practical experience in identifying appropriate computer security tools usable in classified environments, and implementing them to support system operations;
  • Expertise in establishing and operating an effective intrusion detection system;
  • Good knowledge of NATO INFOSEC Policy, Directive and Guidance or readiness to acquire this as soon as practicable after appointment;

Candidates must be eligible to work in the EU 


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