FPGA SoC Radio Senior Developer

South West, United Kingdom (UK), Sapienza Consulting [TM-1697]

Field(s) of expertise
Space Systems Engineering Telecommunications Engineering
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About this job

Our client works in Satellite Communications Technology and Systems Design & Development. Addressing radio communication systems, including modems, signal processing, management and control elements, to receive, process and analyse data signals.
This is your chance to join an expanding team who are seeking a senior developer for the core FPGA SoC elements, who will be responsible for technical solutions. Shaping techniques, tools and standards. This is a key role in supporting the MOD in defining, planning and implementing the Test, Evaluation and Acceptance plans of the project deliverables as they are integrated into the overall ecosystem of satellite communications


  • Design, develop, integrate and validate FPGA SoC solutions for use in satellite communications applications including terminals and test tools.
  • Undertake design of FPGA System on a Chip (SoC) for use in satellite communications systems including Software Defined Radio.
  • Lead implementation of data processing elements in VHDL. C and other applicable languages. Apply 3rd-party IP appropriately to realise systems. Apply understanding of the available and pending FPGA and SoC technologies, especially from Xilinx.
  • Develop and execute appropriate test and performance determination campaigns within a controlled development tool-chain, e.g. controlled use of models, test data and test benches.
  • Comply with appropriate standards and regulations.
  • Produce appropriate design, implementation and test documentation conforming to the ECSS standards.
  • Attend, and constructively contribute to, meetings with customers and partners.
  • Undertake other appropriate duties as directed by  authorised managers.


  • Graduate with a good Honours or Masters degree in a relevant subject (e.g. Electronics, communications). Equivalent qualifications and/or experience may be considered as an alternative
  • >3 years of experience of developing digital signal processing solutions on relevant hardware, preferable if this includes applications in software defined radio including principles of radio comms and modem architectures including sampling, DSP filters (FIR), coding/ decoding, error correction
  • Knowledge of ASIC technologies and of developing the environment in space
  • Understanding of the value of using the right tool-chain applied in a systematic way, including use of data modelling tools and rigorous validation approaches
  • Proven ability to work as an integral part of a highly focused team
  • Proven ability to take full responsibility for the delivery of critical system requirements and components
  • Proven ability to develop innovative and efficient solutions to defined problems
  • Proven ability to work within tight timescale and budgetary constraints
  • Proven ability to produce clear, concise, and unambiguous documentation conforming to applicable technical and quality standards
  • Good customer-facing and communication skills with ability to produce and present clear, concise, and unambiguous presentations to customers and other clients

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