System Administrator with “Linux/Solaris” specialisation (NATO-NCIA)

Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Sapienza Consulting [AAS-2018-0055 ]

Field(s) of expertise
Information Technology
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About this job

Sapienza Consulting, a tpgroup company, is recruiting a System Administrator with “Linux/Solaris” specialisation to join NATO – NCIA in Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.


The HQ is looking for someone to support their process of accrediting a large number of software applications and systems. They have a large number to tackle, plus new capabilities come online all the time.

The specific tasks identified for the role, and associated skill/knowledge requirements, are as follows:

  • As a member of the Technical Management team, the SME will be required to support engineering and production infrastructure including but not limited to hardware, Linux/Solaris operating systems, networking, security, storage
  • Hardware installation (cabling, racking, labelling, upgrading, maintaining, troubleshooting…)
  • UNIX system administration (Installation, patching, administration, tuning, configuration, hardening/securing, troubleshooting)

The successful candidate will work on site at NAEW&C Force HQ in Geilenkirchen under the direction of the Head of the CIS Support Squadron or designated Section Chief


Deployment Requirements

  • The incumbent will be required to forward deploy to NAEW&C Force Forward Operating or Logistics bases part of non-operational support activities, and may be required to deploy on NATO Operations
  • Travel will be at a minimum of 5 days’ Notice to Move (NTM)
  • Deployment on NATO operations would be for no more than 30 calendar days
  • Travel on non-operational deployment may be for more than 30 calendar days, in agreement between the incumbent


On Call Requirements

The incumbent is required to provide stand-by support as part of a rota with other NAEWC Force CIS Squadron Staff.

  • For UNIX Sys admin – out of five persons there will be 2 contractors
  • When on-call contractors will be expected to be available at 2 hrs notice to provide out of hours support onsite at NAEW&C Force Geilenkirchen
  • Compensation for Contractors will match existing policy for NATO B-Grades
  • Current provision is calls for compensation of 1 additional day (7.6 hours) per one week (7 days) of stand-by duties


Special Terms and Conditions

  • The contractor will be responsible for complying with the respective national requirements for working permits, visas, taxes social security etc. whilst working on site at NAEW&CF, Geilenkirchen, DEU
  • No special status is either conferred or implied by the host organisation, NAEW&C Force on to the contractor whilst working on site


  • Required Security Clearance: COSMIC TOP SECRET
  • System Administrator with “Linux/Solaris” specialisation

Requested skills, competencies and toolset knowledge:

  • Networking protocols & topologies (TCP/IP configuration and troubleshooting)
  • Storage (SAN, NAS, Fibre Channel, NFS, ZFS – setup, install, …)
  • Backup (configuration, administration, troubleshooting)
  • Disaster Recovery (HW/OS/Storage – planning, implementation, testing, documenting
  • Change/Configuration management
  • Knowledge/expertise in the following areas is desirable in this role
  • Sun Sparc and Intel hardware (servers, disk and tape storage)
  • Solaris 10, ZFS, Linux
  • iSCSI;l)
  • SubVersion
  • Oracle RDBMS
  • Preference will be given to candidates with a demonstrated knowledge and experience of NAEW&C Force CIS Squadron organisation, procedures and IT Systems

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