FPGA Developer

East Coast, United States (USA), Sapienza Consulting

Field(s) of expertise
Electronics Engineering
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About this job

We are seeking a Principal Engineer for firmware and software development of SATCOM and Digital Signal Processing products. This includes, but is not limited to, conception of new product development design, requirements definition, system design, signal processing algorithm development, high and low level implementation design, hardware and software subsystem integration, performance verification, and factory coordination activities required for product introduction.


• Experience with hardware subsystems and high speed interfaces, knowledge of communication protocols and standards, e.g., PCIe, Interlaken, AXI and DVB-S2X, System Verilog and High Level Synthesis, embedded software, and UVM verification.
• 8+ years’ experience in the design of satellite communication or wireless modulators, demodulators, and FEC decoders.
• TDM / TDMA modulator and demodulator design and development.
• Proven track record of communication subsystems product development and team management skills in a leadership role, with at least 4 years of related experience.
• Experience leading technical projects and managing development teams.
• Experienced in planning, scheduling, budgeting and project coordination as well as leading design reviews and management presentations.


• Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, or equivalent
• 8+ years’ experience in development of FPGA based firmware subsystems.
• Capable of obtaining and holding a Security clearance