Business Administration & Finance Jobs

Business administration and Finance jobs are one of the key jobs needed within any business. The world of business practice is a fascinating one. Whether it’s working at a multinational or start-up, consultancy firm or governmental organisational, proper administration is an essential part.

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CIO Business Change Manager (NS)

Sapienza Consulting

The Netherlands, The Hague

Business Administration and FinanceProject and Service Management




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Business Analyst

Sapienza Consulting

Canada, Ottawa

Business Administration and Finance




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Business Developer – Defence sector (Skopje Office)

Sapienza Consulting

North Macedonia, Skopje

Business Administration and FinanceCyber Security




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Business Administration & Finance Jobs

From administration to taxes and strategy, Business Administration and Finance are necessary if you want to operate a business properly. Within the Business Administration Jobs, you will need to be able to answer phones, speak with clients, assist employers and a variety of other tasks such as buying of office supplies, participating in the organisation of events (workshops, conferences) and organizing agenda points and meetings.

Business Administration Jobs Profile

General profiles of people that have a Business Administration job will follow. It is good to have completed a secondary education and professional training in administration. Furthermore being proficient with modern electronics office automation tools is almost always a must. Next to that, being autonomous, being flexible and having good interpersonal skills are also wanted attributes.

Finance Jobs Profile

Finance jobs also include bookkeeping, office managing and auditing. These type of jobs often need a higher diploma. Other specific activities performed by this expertise field are ensuring integrity of system data, assist with process improvements, help with the provision of management information to aid decision making, ensure adherence to processes and, procedures and develop company rates. Financial reporting, Business strategy, Risk Management, Budget analysis,

Business Administration Job Titles

Administration Job

Administrative Support, Office Administrators, Administrative Assistants, Secretaries and similar positions are part of the Administration Team. Within these type of jobs, you will need to be able to answer phones, speak with clients, assist employers and a variety of other tasks. Some administration jobs also include bookkeeping. Read more about these requirements within the job description.

Project Controller Jobs

Streamlining processes, managing work, and problem-solving can all be requirements for Project Controllers. For instance, if there are any issues or problems with a space or defence project, Project Controllers are the point of reference for clients and company directors. Project controllers and project managers are often interchangeable titles. Discover other requirements within the specific project controller vacancies.

Business Manager Jobs

Business Managers are responsible for implementing strategies the business director has set out. Therefore, business managers are responsible for a large portion of the business its success. Other tasks are managing staff, and mentoring them. A good understanding of sales and finance are also very important. In the end, a business manager can make or break a company. Other titles for business managers are Business Executives, Business Officer and Business Growth Manager. Discover business manager within the space, defence and security sector here on this site.

Finance Job Titles

Accountant Jobs

Accountants are responsible for the financial statements within a company. Furthermore, they are involved with salary payment and taxes. Often accounts give out tax advice and help with the decision making of a company. Requirements differ between jobs, discover more about accountant job specifics within the vacancies.

Finance Officers Jobs

Finance officers are involved with the planning of the business budget. The financial health of the organisation, meeting legal requirements, and accurate administration are all responsibilities of the Finance Officer. Moreover, being familiar with audits, invoice and managing accounting activities are all part of the ideal candidate. In the end, the finance officer job consists of complete management of the day to day financial transaction and administration.

Financial Controller Jobs

Financial controllers are specialised in improving financial performance and other financial business challenges. Strong analytical skills and exceptional problem-solving are essential to be able to do the job. Other tasks that can be included within financial controlling jobs are: streamlining accounting, managing financial transactions, participating in budget processes, delivering analysis to C-level staff, and being aware of regulatory compliances. Financial Controllers often have a degree in accounting, and are strong with numbers. Discover more about specific requirements within our vacancies.

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