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What are examples of Electronics Engineering jobs?

Within Electronics Engineering jobs in the space, defence and security sector, you will often need to look across multiple engineering disciplines and viewpoints. For instance, software engineering and mechanical engineering are often involved in your day to day activities. Jobs range from mission concept to coding. In general, as a electronics engineer you will contribute to the design and implementation flow of systems such as satellites, radio-frequency, solar panels and propulsion. Specific work is done on specifications, design, implementation and verification.

Battery Technician, Avionics Components Technician, Mechatronics Engineer, Satellite Systems Engineer, Satellite Electronics Systems Engineer,  Flight Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Electro-Mechanical Workshop Foreman are engineering jobs and associated with the Electronics Engineering field.

Some of these jobs also ask you to contribute to testing of electronic systems, be in charge of the full delivery, or be take the lead on a team. You will have to understand technical requirements, translate these into designs and develop the requirements. Furthermore, steering and following up with the design and development team can also be an aspect of the job. Here you will be working on the conceptual design until the detailed implementation.

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What is the profile of an Electronics Engineer?

As an Electronical Engineer it is good to have in-depth knowledge of the handling of electrical automated test equipment. Furthermore, a good understanding of policy, a good level of eyesight and be able to inspect wiring assemblies to a high workmanship standard is great to have.

Other assets to have are strong technical knowledge of electronic components, the development flow and experience with defining an electronic concept. Moreover appreciated are: good communication skills, agile development practices and fluency in English, being good under pressure, having strong communication skills, being an analytical thinking and problem solver. It is almost always a must to have a Master’s Degree or equivalent qualification in Electronic Engineering.

What are Electronics Engineering jobs?

The following is a list of job titles that fall under Electronics Engineering expertise fields or are related:

  • Electrical/electronics Engineer
  • Antenna & Sub-Millimetre Waves
  • On-Board Computer Data Handling Engineer
  • Senior Systems Engineer Cryptographic Equipment
  • Payload Security Systems Engineer
  • Operations Software Engineer
  • Spacecraft Systems Engineer
  • Avionics Components Technician
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • RF Communications Technician
  • Satellite Systems Engineer
  • Mechanical and Thermal Systems Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Solar Array Engineer

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