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If you are looking for the latest, most exciting NewSpace jobs, this is the place to find them.

From commercial spaceflight development to building novel technologies that have the potential to define the future of mankind, emerging private companies are drastically re-shaping the Space ecosystem. Working in NewSpace offers more than a promising career; it brings you closer to right where the heart of innovation beats.

Explore our large variety of NewSpace jobs below and become part of one of the most dynamic sectors of today’s economy.

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International NewSpace jobs

SDS Jobs is the number one job board if you are looking for NewSpace jobs. We are offering the best NewSpace jobs in the best organisations from all over the world. Our vacancies are coming from a variety of fields and are being updated on a daily basis. On SDS Jobs you will find a diverse number of positions ranging from Aerospace and Software Engineering to Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. 

NewSpace jobs

Electronics Engineering jobs 

We are offering a variety of NewSpace jobs in electronics engineering from large organisations such as RocketLab, Infostellar, and more. On SDS Jobs you will find Electronics jobs in the United States, Europe, and all over the world.  

IT jobs (Information Technology jobs)  

Find the latest Space jobs in IT and get hired by top employers in the NewSpace sector. Explore positions in Japan, USA, and all over the world. 

Software Engineering jobs 

Are you a software engineer with a dream of working in the NewSpace sector? Discover our NewSpace jobs in Software Engineering and launch your career today. 

Aerospace Engineering jobs  

On SDS Jobs you will find a great variety of NewSpace Jobs in Aerospace. Whether you are a Software Developer, or an Aircraft Technician, we have you covered, with a variety of vacancies from the best NewSpace organisations.