Embedded Software Engineer

Tokyo, Japan, Sapienza Consulting [NSSR202086]

Field(s) of expertise
Aerospace Engineering Electronics Engineering
Job type

About this job

Sapienza is looking to recruit an experienced Embedded Systems Software Engineer to fulfil the defined missions throughout the life cycle of OBC (on-board computer) embedded software development, testing, and satellite operation.


• Embedded software development, maintenance of components and systems
• Programming applications, components drivers and interfaces in C, C++ etc.
• Develop software based on satellite system specifications and other satellite component specifications
• Document design information
• Perform design reviews and code reviews
• Design and perform various tests
• Work closely with other engineering teams, partners and vendors to ensure interoperability / reusability
• Promotes co-debug and interface testing with related subsystems
• Work with hardware designers to solve any issues
• Gives support and troubleshoots problems during satellites initial and nominal operation
• If possible, perform FPGA integration by HDL or IDEs


o Educational background
 Degree in electrical engineering, computer science or similar.
o One of the following:
 Business-level Japanese and basic English (enough to communicate about technical topics, emails, etc).
 Or, business-level English
o Investigates, questions, debates, time management, problem solving
o Work history related to embedded software development with C and C ++
o Basic knowledge or experience with computer systems, especially embedded systems
o Knowledge of at least one computer architecture. (e.g. ARM, x86 )
o Writing and reading the documents needed to review the software design. (e.g. State-machine, Sequence diagram, timing chart)
o Designing various test. (e.g. Unit test, Function test, system test)
o Reading and understand software functions to be implemented from circuit diagrams and hardware specifications.
o Knowledge of basic I/O protocols like UART/USART, SPI, I2C, etc.
o Experience developing software with high real-time characteristics on embedded OS (e.g. FreeRTOS, vxWorks, uCLinux)
o Using command line tools, GNU tools, scripting tool(e.g. Python)
o Using Version control system(e.g. git) well under console environment
o Basic knowledge/past experience of how to use an oscilloscope, multimeter, logic analyzer, power supply

• Desirable
o Building a build environment (e.g. Makefile, setting for compiler, linker and other)
o Experience in customizing and porting embedded OS
o Designing FPGA logic by VHDL, Verilog HDL or any IDEs.

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