Modem Firmware Engineer

London, United Kingdom (UK), Sapienza Consulting

Field(s) of expertise
Aerospace Engineering Electronics Engineering
Job type

About this job

We are seeking a talented and enthusiastic Modem Firmware Engineer who has a sound understanding of complex DSP for wireless communications systems and related VHDL constructs.


Experience of high-speed data interfaces to external devices using AXI, PCIe or similar is strongly desirable, as well as a sound understanding of Intellectual Property (IP) block maintenance, integration and interfacing. Also desirable is a basic understanding of low-level software in C or Python for testing and debugging purposes.


Knowledge of communications theory, modulation and error correction techniques
Experience of high-speed digital signal processing techniques especially as applied to wireless telecommunications
Experience of VHDL development for Xilinx FPGA and SoC using the Xilinx Vivado tool chain
Experience of high-speed interfaces such as AXI & PCIe
Graduate with minimum of 5 years’ experience in wireless telecoms or a closely related field

Highly Desired Skills

Competence in either C or Python
Experience of developing high reliability, safety critical and fault tolerant systems
Familiarity with schematic based board design using OrCAD