ARTES Applications Engineer (ECSAT)

Harwell (ECSAT), United Kingdom (UK), Sapienza Consulting [1354]

Field(s) of expertise
Space Systems Engineering Marketing and Sales
Job type

About this job

The Business Application and Space Solutions Department implements the Space Solutions Programme. ESA Space Solutions operates two main production lines: Application Projects (“Business Applications”) and Business Incubation Centres (“BIC”).

As part of this, the Study and Project Management Office our team of engineers are in charge of the implementation of all ARTES Applications/Services Feasibility Studies and Applications Projects. This includes elaborating the required Feasibility Studies work-plans, evaluating the proposals for Feasibility Studies and Applications Projects, negotiating the contracts and implementing them.


  • Identification and characterisation of new services and applications exploiting current and next generation of space systems (e.g. Satcom, Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation) and their integration in non-space domains;
  • Assessment of the technical and operational requirements applicable to space based applications and their integration with terrestrial solutions to support the identified services and applications in an end-to-end context;
  • Implement activities with industry, operators, application providers and user communities addressed to develop, validate and promote the utilisation of space based assets in accordance to the checklist ESA-TIAA-PR-2014-0310;
  • Development and implementation of methodologies and tools for the assessment of end-to-end performance of multimedia applications;
  • Analysis and assessment of the business and regulatory aspects associated with the launch and commercial operations of satellite based applications and services;


  • Master’s Degree in Engineering from a relevant domain
  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience
  • Sound knowledge of the overall space applications market, and specific experience in specifying, developing, evaluating and promoting applications making use of satellites;
  • Significant experience in satellite and possibly in terrestrial systems requirements analysis, design, implementation and operations, and associated management experience;
  • Some familiarity with downstream space services and applications and with relevant space technologies (i.e. satellite communications, navigation and earth observation);
  • Experience in the evaluation of proposals;
  • Experience with space (application) projects feasibility studies;
  • Knowledge of ESA and in particular various TIA space applications and ESA S2 programs is considered desirable;
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills;
  • Excellent analytical skills;
  • High standard of document drafting;
  • Fluent in English; knowledge of another ESA member-state language is an asset

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