Revolutionising recruiting for Space, Defence, and Security

23/09/2019 - Newport

Today Andrea Bennetti, Managing Director of the Sapienza Group, launches  an AI-Recruiting project:

“AI Recruiting was established to help Space and Defence companies overcome the challenge of finding the best talent in an ever more competitive market. Because both our customers and the professionals they seek are equally important to us, with the platform we are introducing a unique pay-per-hire scheme for our Premium clients (so that they only pay when we are successful, as well as a unique candidate reward system for the best applicants. In fact, we will share with successful candidates, who applied through our platform, 50% of the fees charged to the Premium clients.

While traditional methods and the human touch still have a central place in the process, companies need to add innovative technology layers to the recruitment funnel in order to find, attract and engage the best and most recent talent entering the sector. By using, organisations in space and defence need not worry about advertising elsewhere, because we will do that on their behalf, get them access to top-quality candidates and shorten their recruitment cycle at a fraction of the traditional recruitment costs.We understand that some of our Institutional clients have compliance restrictions when it comes to their recruitment process. We have considered their needs in designing the Advertiser subscription option that allows us to direct talented candidates straight to the client’s applicant tracking system. If you want to know more, get in contact with the team at or view our launch video now.”