Sapienza Consulting's Jobs at ESA

Find the latest Sapienza Consulting’s Jobs at ESA below. Sapienza Consulting is a leading provider of space mission and project support through people, software, and services with more than 25 years of experience in the space sectorSapienza Consulting is currently recruiting for some exciting job opportunities at the European Space Agency (ESA) in the Netherlands, the UK, Franceand Germany.

Sapienza Consulting’s Jobs at ESA

Sapienza Consulting offers positions within a variety of space-related fields, such as in aerospace and electronics engineering, product and quality assurance, radio frequency and remote sensing engineering, mission-critical software engineering, and much more. Working at the European Space Agency as a Sapienza Consulting employee offers more than a promising career; it brings you close to the latest and most exciting innovations of the European space industry. 

What type of jobs are there at ESA? 

  • Telecommunications jobs  
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Administration jobs
  • Mechanical and manufactural engineering jobs
  • Space engineering jobs
  • Project control jobs
  • IT Jobs
  • Business and finance jobs
  • Radio frequency systems, payloads and technology jobs
  • Product assurance and safety jobs
  • Mission critical software jobs

Expertise fields at ESA:

Discover some of the expertise fields we at Sapienza Consulting offer based at ESA.


Telecommunications Engineers are involved in a variety of Satcom projects. As a Telecommunications Engineer working for Sapienza Consulting at ESA you will have the chance to be involved in a variety of projects, ranging from satellite network design to offering support to Navigation Projects such as EGNOS and GALILEO.

Aerospace engineering

Aerospace Engineers at ESA work on the design of spacecrafts, satellites, and launch vehicles for space missions. As an Aerospace Engineer at ESA you will be involved in activities such as the development of Flight Dynamics software, data processing, and Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS) design and testing among others. 

Radio Frequency Systems, Payloads and Technology

Within ESA there are a large number of positions that focus on RF systems as they are used throughout telecommunications, scientific and earth observation and navigation domains.  

Product Assurance & Safety 

Product Assurance and Safety is a very specific type of position in the space industry and a crucial role within ESA. PA Engineers are specifically tasked to ensure that the entire duration of a mission is protected from any type of failure, whether it be material, mechanical, electrical, software, component, sub-system, system, decommissioning or a process level.  

Mission Critical Software

Within the space industry there is a wide variety of mission critical software, whether on-board software or ground segment software – all must ensure high reliability, efficiency and dependability. As mission critical, any software produced needs to be coded and tested following dependable software engineering methods and software product assurance requirements (ECSS standards). 

General requirements of ESA jobs:

  • Fluency in English. Knowledge of another member state language is an advantage;
  • Master’s degree in a relevant field;
  • 4 years of relevant professional experience in a relevant field;
  • Eligible to work in the EU;
  • EU Secret Security clearance is considered an advantage;
  • Candidates without the required degree or years of experience are encouraged to send in their CV as well as these are not hard requirements.