Frequency Coordination Engineer

London, United Kingdom (UK), Sapienza Consulting [NSSR202119]

Field(s) of expertise
Space Systems Engineering Telecommunications Engineering
Job type

About this job

Our client is a leading global public policy firm dedicated to opening markets for technology. They are seeking an intellectually curious candidate with proven technical management capabilities, excellent communication and analytical skills, and an ability to formulate and present complex technical information in a clear and concise manner. The selected candidate will have a strong interest in satellite engineering, and will be responsible for managing relationships with some of the largest ICT companies in the world.
Our clients’ technical team provides engineering support for all forms of communications systems, including satellite networks. They perform compatibility studies, regulatory analyses and network coordination in support of planned and operational networks. They also effect change in regulation and standards, to reflect novel approaches and ensure network innovation is not constrained by outdated rules.


  • Prepare ITU satellite filings for new and amended satellite networks
  • Monitor and review ITU/BR weekly circulars (“IFICs”), and plan responses
  • Analyse compatibility between networks, developing software tools and methods as necessary
  • Develop coordination proposals, and participate in negotiations with other networks to reach coordination agreements
  • Liaise with clients and team members and team members to report progress and review priorities
  • Research technical regulations and standards, and develop strategies for effecting change through national, regional and global fora
  • Undertake competitive intelligence gathering on the satellite industry.


  • Quantitative background
  • Deep understanding of radio spectrum, and its uses by satellite and other radio systems
  • A demonstrable interest in the technology industry
  • Excellent written and oral English language skills.
  • Fluency in a second language
  • Proficiency in Matlab.

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