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Space Systems Engineering Telecommunications Engineering
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Our client is at the forefront of innovation in the satellite communications industry and are able to offer expertise to design, develop and operate state-of-the-art solutions and systems, world-wide. Their portfolio of services and technology know-how covers the entire spectrum of any satellite communication project, from market opportunity sizing and end-user requirements down to ground network development, commissioning, and operations. 
Our clients’ team is involved in establishing the requirements, design, capacity, performance and resource planning, verification and operation of satellite communications networks for both civil and military customers.
Our client is involved in establishing the requirements and assuring the delivery of the UK’s next generation of military satellite system.  We are applying industry best practice to guide the Ministry of Defence in the procurement of a satellite capability that will support our military personnel in the most challenging of environments.
We have an opportunity for a Senior Systems Engineer to join and be an integral part of our clients’ team supporting the MOD. The role will support the project tasked with delivering the next generation of satellites and will lead the coordination of the Integrated Test Evaluation and Acceptance (ITEA) and Assurance activities.


    • Coordinate the Acceptance support for the projects, including the production of ITEAPs, VRMs and associated acceptance artefacts.
    • Ensure that the projects acceptance approach/plan is coherent with the wider programme.
    • Provide acceptance and requirements advice and guidance to the project and represent them on ITEA related matters.
    • Provide acceptance support to the creation of Business Cases, Review Notes and Information Notes.
    • Through the ITEA steering group support the Acceptance Authority in the development of the projects related capability Milestones.
    • Ensure that the Statement of Requirements (SoRs) have measurable and testable Measures of Performance (MoPs).
    • Ensure acceptance Verification & Validation (V&V) activities at every level are appropriate and coherent with the ITEAP; and that decisions at the lower levels, whilst acceptable individually, do not have a cumulative effect that together compromises delivery of the required capability. 
    • Supporting the development of Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) contract schedules that involve assurance and V&V elements.
    • Lead on the evaluation of ITN responses for assurance and acceptance related questions.
    • Identify and manage ITEA related RAIDO.


    • Manage and coordinate the projects Guide to Engineering Activities and Reviews (GEAR) assurance activities on behalf of the PM.  This includes tailoring GEAR reviews to meet the project needs.
    • Plan, coordinate and facilitate the GEAR Boards on behalf of the PM.
    • Produce the GEAR Board reports and coordinate/track resultant recommendations and actions.
    • Represent the project on all GEAR related matters and meetings.
    • Provide engineering assurance advice to the project.
    • Update the PEMP Annex following GEAR reviews.


    • Provide requirements support and advice to the Project.
    • Provide support towards the development of requirements related artefacts.
    • Provide requirements input to project forums, such as: Project Team Meetings; Project Checkpoints; and, Joint Stakeholder Workshops.
    • Ensure coherence between the programme-level user and system requirements and the projects’ statement of requirements; the maintenance of the Golden Thread.
    • Support the structures in place to ensure any changes that affect the requirements are subject to a formal change control process involving the authority for the change, thus preventing “Requirements drift”.

Decision Board:

    • Conduct the role of secretary to the projects Decision Board (DB), supporting the Facilitator with the smooth delivery of DBs.
    • Identify project blockers that require a DB to reach resolution and schedule for discussion.
    • Manage the DB Tracker


  • Knowledge and experience of Requirements and Acceptance Management based on MoD’s Knowledge in Defence (KiD) framework.
  • Experience of leading acceptance support to MOD ICT capability delivery programmes throughout all phases of the project lifecycle.
  • An understanding of MOD Operational CIS.
  • An understanding of assurance processes.
  • Experience of coordinating cross-Defence Lines of Development (DLoD) contributions to requirements satisfaction and capability maturity progress.
  • Excellent written / verbal communication and information management skills.
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity and operate effectively and efficiently in high tempo, dynamic environment.
  • Ability to effectively communicate complex information and influence stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of the MOD’s GEAR framework.


  • Experience and knowledge of SATCOM capabilities.
  • Manipulation, presentation management of requirements and acceptance data and information in MS Excel and SharePoint. 
  • Understanding of the MOD’s procurement processes and procedures.

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