Capacity and Frequency Management Engineer

United Kingdom, United Kingdom (UK), Sapienza Consulting [TM1954]

Field(s) of expertise
Space Systems Engineering
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About this job

As a Capacity and Frequency Management Engineer you will work in a team involved in supporting system design, system analysis, major bids, implementation, and testing of military satellite communications networks including satellites built to civil and military specifications. These networks can involve GEO, MEO and LEO satellites and include the use of existing commercial satellite systems to augment core military satellites constellations. As an experience capacity manager, you will strengthen our existing team. Working with multiple customers on their projects in the field of military satellite communications providing RF capacity and frequency management expertise.


• Work to customer requirements and respond to changes.

• Perform due diligence on the existing equipment and systems to ensure they meet the customer requirements.

• Critically analyse current working processes of service providers to identify improvements.

• Generate new documentation for processes and procedures based on the new contract requirements and the results of the analysis of current processes.

• Ensure critical working data and tools successfully transition to the new IT operating environment on schedule.

• Ensure all appropriate capacity/ frequency agreements are transitioned to the new contractual arrangements.

• Preparation of Assurance Case reports to support overall system assurance.

• Ensure targets are met, in accordance with the programmes schedule and agreed set of deliverables.


  • More than 5 years’ experience in a satellite capacity management and or frequency coordination roles, or similar field.
  • University degree in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent qualification.
  • Experience in Response to Stress situations within satellite communications environment.
  • Relevant experience in an operations environment including knowledge of spectrum monitoring equipment and management of EMI.
  • Ability to communicate at all levels of the business both internally and externally with Customers.
  • Excellent analytical skills resulting in clear and concise explanations of observations, problems or anomalies.
  • Collaborative mind-set and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Must hold or be able to achieve SC & DV Clearance.
  • Must be a UK national.

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