Documentalist (ESA-ESTEC)

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Sapienza Consulting [1337]

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Product and Quality Assurance
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About this job

Sapienza Consulting is recruiting a Documentalist to work onsite at ESTEC-ESA, Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

*Please note the starting date might be slightly delayed due to COVID-19.


Initial tasks to be performed are:

  • Solar Orbiter: support project closure in DMS and migration to the DCCM; configuration and execution of the archival process to the ESA Central Archives
  • BepiColombo: final closure of the FTP server and final transfer to the DCCM repository, support the documentation needs of Operations and execution of the archival process to the ESA Central Archives
  • ARIEL: manage the handover from the study phase to the development phase, with regard to documentation and configuration of the Project and setup and maintain the entire document management structure of the project after adoption
  • Creation and implementation of a template in new projects’ repositories, in line with the SCI DMP


Typical duties would also include:

  • Gathering of deliverable documents from the Project Industrial Consortium, Principal Investigators, Technical Officers and in-house experts
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of documents (e.g. registration, update, review and approval cycle, filing, distribution and archiving) and provide support for documentation handovers, from Future Missions to Projects, to Operations, in line with the defined process
  • Support to migration activities from a document management system to another (e.g. testing metadata and checking transferred content in line with the dedicated procedure)
  • Monitor and maintain the content of the exchange servers (e.g. FTP) in line with the requirements and adopted guideline (e.g. periodical cleaning and final closure of the dedicated area when exchange activities come to an end)
  • Update and maintain the project/area DMPs, in a centralised way, recording any deviation from the SCI DMP, agreed with the Science Configuration Officer or the DIRO (Directorate Information and Records officer)
  • Ensure incoming and outgoing information/documentation conforms to applicable processes, procedures and working practices
  • Assist and support in the definition of the SCI record management and archiving processes and procedures
  • Perform the implementation of the archiving process that will include at least the identification of the records, their inventory and transfer/disposal
  • Handling confidential and export controlled information (e.g. ITAR) and access rights of users with respect to these deliverables
  • Provide assistance in documentation handling to the Project Scientific Institutes / Principal Scientists Teams and supporting users in retrieving documents from sources like Eclipse and FTPs
  • Acting as a point of contact for all the Project interfaces for documentation tools
  • Support to enhancements of the document management system and concepts, and of future improvements
  • Provision of support to the Project Control and Product Assurance Sections in the processing of RfDs, RfWs, DCRs, DCNs, CCNs, keeping track of them and providing overviews


  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent qualification in Business Administration or other related topics
  • At least 2 years of relevant experience
  • Fluent in English; knowledge of another ESA member-state language is an asset


Requirements Specific Competence Requirements:

  • Proven experience in document management activities and thorough knowledge of document management processes
  • The candidate shall have experience in all the implementation phase of a mission, composed by multiple international interfaces; such experience in a Scientific mission is a definite asset
  • Experience in the documentation management matters for a launch campaign
  • Clearance to handle export controlled documentation (e.g. ITAR) and have sound experience in handling confidential and export controlled documentation;
  • Highly organised, with attention to details and be able to efficiently work under pressure and stringent schedule
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills, have a distinctive customer focus and be a strong team player
  • The following competencies would be considered additional assets:
    • General knowledge of the Science projects lifecycle and structure
    • General knowledge of the relevant ECSS standards
    • Familiarity with the archiving standards (e.g. ISAD-G and Dublin Core)
    • Proficiency level in French or other European languages

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