SW Tester in Acceptance / Delivery (EUMETSAT)

Darmstadt, EUMETSAT, Germany, Sapienza Consulting [1421]

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Software Engineering
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About this job

We are recruiting two Software Testers for Sapienza to work at our Customers’ Site (EUMETSAT). The additional support will be part of a service for the Process Assurance and Management Support Division (PRS), and more specifically the TSS Quality Assurance team (TSS QA). The new support members will be primarily involved in the analysis of SW against third party Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and analysis of SW Quality against non-functional requirements.


  • SW checks (As part of the EUMETSAT Acceptance and Delivery activities):
    • retrieval of the SW packages from EUMETSAT repositories after a request is raised,
    • requesting clarifications regarding the content to be analysed (e.g.: data or test files to be excluded, identification of COTS, etc.),
    • using automated SW scanning tools to 1) analyse SW packages against third party IPRs, 2) identify potential vulnerabilities in SW packages, and 3) assess the Quality of SW packages.
    • produce a report to be sent to the requesters,
    • provide answers and clarifications about the report, if required.
  • SW checks and analysis as part of the engineering evolutions, new developments and maintenance activities performed in the Operational Ground Segments; equally performing the automatic check and analysis of IPRs, SW Quality and Vulnerabilities, as described in previous bullet.
  • Using JIRA (or any similar ticketing system that EUMETSAT could adopt) for the internal management of the end-to-end SW check requests, from the moment the request is raised, until the results are reported. Liaising with the request originator may be required during the fulfilment of this task.
  • Managing SW checks according to priority, complexity and committed time of response defined by
  • Checking and reporting of any issue identified in the SW checks tools preventing their use or affecting the quality of the results.
  • Provision of service to the engineering teams in:
    • the preparation of the SW releases to go under the SW checks,
    • the understanding of the analysis results reported by the TSS QA team,
    • the provision of guidance to clean the SW from the identified issues. The contribution will be provided via trainings, coaching activities, production of documentation, specific meetings or interactions.
  • Provision of weekly indicators on the status of the Software checks and service performance.
  • Maintenance of the required tools configuration (Jira, checking tools, templates…) and practices (Word documents, confluence pages…) at EUMETSAT to enable the implementation of the above identified tasks.


  • Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in SW Testing and/or SW Quality,
  • Knowledge and experience applying Engineering or Quality standards such as ECSS branch or ISO9000 family standards;
  • Fluent in English
  • Skilled in using the Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel, Project, Visio and Outlook.


  • Experience with most of the below:
    • SW analysis tools such as SW Quality and IPR checking tools,
    • Analysis of IPR checking results, associated risks and formulation of derived recommendations,
    • Management of user request, acting as interface with them and managing their requests until closure,
    • Support to teams (internal / external) in the resolution of issues found with the checking tools,
    • Creation of documentation, good practices, and implementation guides for the execution of the activities and for training purposes,
    • Definition, gathering and analysis of quality related indicators during SW / System development and maintenance phases.
    • Coding / Scripting, with special focus on C/C++, Java, Python and FORTRAN;
    • New technologies (e.g. Cloud Computing, Docker) and development methodologies (e.g. Agile, DevOps);
    • Generation of metrics, indicators and dashboards, with focus on software quality and software development processes;

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