On-Board Computer & Data Handling Support (ESA-ESA HQ)

Paris, France, Sapienza Consulting [EDP-14]

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Space Systems Engineering
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We are recruiting an On-Board Computer & Data Handling Support for Sapienza to work on our Customers Site (ESA HQ).


The On-Board Computer & Data Handling Section provides functional support to ESA projects and carries out technological research (R&D) on turn-key on-board HW Data Handling solutions with an emphasis on:

  • Launchers, platform and payload data handling architectures and their building blocks (equipment/units, modules and key components).
  • Units such as on-board computers, mass memories, remote terminals, instrument control units*.
  • Digital and analogue signal processing electronics for payload/platform control functions.
  • On-board data transfer interfaces, buses and associated protocols (high and low speed).
  • Platform data handling functions related to security, data authentication, encryption, compression, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Use of microelectronics devices and electronic design essentially for the implementation of digital functions related to on-board data systems.
  • Launch System AIT: definition and control of measurement plans in test requirements and execution, definition of technical specifications for the procurement of specific ground measurement acquisition and storage equipment.
  • Electrical interfaces: schematics integration and analysis, electrical performances analyses (e.g. power supply transient and steady-state analyses, measurement accuracy, others).
  • System EMC verifications (grounding/bonding quality measurement, CE/CS, RE/RS).
  • Real-time system’s modelling, analysis, specification and troubleshooting.
  • Computers for real-time on-board applications, both as self-contained units and as embedded items in subsystem equipment. This includes system design for fault tolerant computer systems, component design and development, operating systems, and identification of tools and methods for dependable specification, design and testing.
  • Data systems for on-board data communication, spacecraft system operation under ground control and with on-board autonomy, ground/on-board data communication, and (for manned spaceflight) crew informatics and interfaces. This includes data system standards and specific software, e.g. data communication software.
  • Payload data acquisition and processing chains*, including digital and image processing techniques and devices.

 *except for RF payloads.


  • Master or PhD in networks, electronics, electrical engineering, telecommunications or a related field is required.
  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience
  • Experience in the fields of space hardware related to launcher data handling equipment (units, modules and boards).
  • Knowledge in the fields in EMC, Power and thermal control applied to launcher or Orbital Transfer Vehicle systems are considered as an asset.
  • Fluent in English; knowledge of another ESA member-state language is an asset


Candidates must be eligible to work in the EU

Please send your CV (in English) as soon as possible, but no later than 1st July 2021 to jobs@sapienzaconsulting.com


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