Solar Generators Engineer (ESA-ESTEC)

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Sapienza Consulting [1628]

Field(s) of expertise
Space Systems Engineering
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About this job

We are recruiting a Solar Generators Engineer for Sapienza to work on our Customers Site (ESTEC) to provide end-to-end support to space projects in the field of photovoltaic generator technologies.


  • The functional support to ESA spacecraft programmes (and other European projects, if required) for space solar generator design, manufacturing and testing, including the provision of independent, technical assessment in Project Reviews.
  • The definition, promotion and implementation of the technological research programme for advanced photovoltaic generator technology, including solar cells, photovoltaic assembly processes and components (e.g. cover-glasses), solar generator subsystems, environmental effects models, testing methods and test facilities.
  • The maintenance of the ESA solar generator laboratory facilities and the execution of engineering and qualification tests.
  • Monitoring of qualification and test programs for body mounted and deployable solar arrays utilizing advanced solar cells.
  • The definition and implementation of European standards in the solar generator domain
  • Provision of functional support to one or several ESA satellite projects.
  • Supervision of industrial contracts for research and development of solar cells and modules (including next generation multi-junction solar cell and solar generator technologies, concentrator systems and experiments on space environmental effects on the solar generators).
  • Assistance to the EPG section team on solar array related design and qualification issues and in the execution of characterisation and environmental tests of solar cells, modules and solar generators.


  • Master’s degree in Engineering, ideally in Electrical Engineering or Semiconductor Physics.
  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience
  • Experience in multi-junction space solar cells technology.
  • Knowledge of space solar array design and technologies.
  • Experience in space photovoltaic assembly (PVA) technology.
  • Knowledge of the main characterisation and environmental tests for space solar cells and solar generators
  • Familiarity with European Space Standard (ECSS) requirements.
  • Experience in technical contract management
  • Fluent in English; knowledge of another ESA member-state language is an asset

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