Mechanical AIT Operator (ETS)

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Sapienza Consulting [ALUU-715581-01]

Field(s) of expertise
Space Systems Engineering
Job type

About this job

Location: The Netherlands, Noordwijk, ETS

Deadline: ASAP!

Reference: ALUU-715581-01

Contract duration: ¬2 years employment contract with Sapienza – possibility to extend.

Sapienza Consulting is recruiting Mechanical AIT Operator(s) with (ability to obtain) security clearance to work on-site at the European Test Facilities and support ongoing ESA missions.


  • Support or be responsible for the definition, design and preparation of the Test Campaign for: Mechanical Test Setup
  • MGSE preparation, documentation, verification
  • Preparation of hardware for the shipment to the Test and Launch Campaign
  • Preparation of items for storage
  • Prepare list of items for shipment or storage
  • Prepare list of items necessary for the Test or Launch Campaign
  • Participate to the installation and dismount of the Test Instrumentation
  • Participate to the integration and, if needed, dismount of the flight hardware from the satellite
  • Participate to the integration and, if needed, deinstallation of large appendages, such as solar wings, reflector, optical elements and other parts of the satellite
  • Prepare tools and GSE for usage
  • Lay and connect (by crimping, connection, etc.) flight and test harnesses
  • Prepare, install, repair and dismount, if needed, of thermal hardware, such as MLI’s, heaters, thermistors, insulations, protections, etc.
  • Install and, if needed, dismount glued parts, using self-polymerizing or multicomponent glues
  • Connect/disconnect flight and non-flight connectors
  • Contribute to the daily log and the other several logbooks in the clean room
  • Participate to the continuous daily activities around the satellite, during several phases
  • Contribute to the well order and conditions of the work area


  • Mechanical technician, with experience in working for Space Business or related matters
  • Knowledge of the general rules for working in a clean room and for getting in contact with technological items of high level
  • Knowledge of typical operations around a satellite/ principles of mechanics
  • Teamwork capability
  • Good relationship capabilities
  • Understanding of issues, identify root causes, define solutions
  • Work mainly with procedures and under a severe quality control
  • Must have EU Security Clearance (Secret) or be willing to undergo clearance processes
  • Fluent in English;