Radio Navigation Engineer PVT/PNT (ESA-ESTEC)

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Sapienza Consulting

Field(s) of expertise
Telecommunications  Engineering Space Systems Engineering
Job type

About this job

Sapienza Consulting is recruiting a Radio Navigation Engineer to support Navigation Projects.


  • Support to Navigation Projects (e.g. EGNOS and GALILEO) and R&D activities in the fields of safety-related Position-Navigation-Timing (PNT) applications (e.g. in railway, maritime and automotive sectors), PVT integrity and PVT assurance (security);
  • Participation in studies supporting current and future PNT systems definition and/or analysis for security and safety-related applications (e.g. regarding system architecture, ground processing and user segment technologies);
  • Support to the activities relating to technology development, standardisation and working groups on PVT assurance and safety related PNT applications;
  • Design, definition and follow up of activities (including industrial development contracts and procurements, laboratory and field trials) related to GNSS testbeds and receivers, in the aforementioned areas (safety-critical, PVT assurance);
  • Support end-to-end GALILEO/EGNOS System Integration, Validation and Qualification activities (e.g. new system features, receivers) in the aforementioned areas.



  • Master’s Degree in Engineering.
  • At least 4 years of relevant work experience.
  • Background and experience in GNSS, in particular system and user technologies for PVT integrity experience in design, performances and standardisation of PNT user segments technologies (GNSS receiver, signal processing and navigation algorithms, sensor fusion, etc.).
  • Background and experience in at least two of the following fields is an asset:
    • wireless security;
    • GNSS PVT assurance;
    • Wireless systems for safety-related applications;
    • any of the following application domains and their associated safety standards: railway, automotive, maritime.
  • Fluent in English; knowledge of another ESA member-state language is an asset.