Spacecraft Controller

Torino, Italy, Argotec [ARG_0419]

Field(s) of expertise
Aerospace Engineering
Job type


The candidate will work independently and also in a team, in order to support the Mission Control Centre OPS Team during preparation and real-time operations of nanosatellites in deep space.

The preparatory activities will typically include:

  • Depending on the mission assignment, during the pre-launch phase assist in configuring and testing the operational system to support the operations. This include the development of methods or tools to assist in the execution of the operations;
  • Develop the FOP in preparation of the specific Mission.


The real-time activities will typically include:

  • Operate the spacecraft on-console following established operations procedures, as specified for each mission;
  • Monitor data, health check of the equipment;
  • On-console involvement in System Validation Tests, simulations, LEOP, and spacecraft operations, following established rules and procedures;
  • Take corrective action in case of space segment anomalies, as necessary, applying the contingency/emergency procedures approved for the mission to ensure spacecraft safety and the continuity of spacecraft operations;
  • Prepare and complete all necessary forms for the daily operations routine.


General requirements

  • Degree: Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering;
  • Working experience: 3-5 years (middle level);
  • Age: 30-35 (as preference);
  • Orderly, reliable and disciplined approach to the execution of operations;
  • Work correctly under stress;
  • Reporting;
  • Language knowledge: Italian, English.


Required experience & skills

  • Deep knowledge of SCOS2000;
  • Previous experience in FOPs development;
  • Familiar with the implantation of routine operations;
  • Previous experience in real-time operations.


Additional Assets

  • Coordination and involvement in SVT campaigns;
  • Experience with operations of deep space missions.

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