Space Systems Requirement Engineer

Torino, Italy, Argotec [ARG_1019]

Field(s) of expertise
Aerospace Engineering
Job type


The candidate will work independently and also in a team, in order to support the requirement management in agreement to the ECSS normative.The Requirement Engineer leads, coordinates and contributes to the following requirement management activities performed by the project team along the full V-cycle phases, in accordance to the system engineering management plan. The activities will include (at least):

  • Definition and classification of the project requirements from the stakeholder technical specifications;
  • Identification of the proper verification methods for each requirement, according to the ESA ECSS provided guidelines;
  • Definition of the specification tree to the lower level requirements;
  • Allocation of each requirement to ensure the requirements traceability in the specification tree;
  • Verification of the requirements consistency, validation and maintenance along the project phases;
  • Ensure the requirements compliance to the applicable requirements along the project lifecycle;
  • Verification of the system and subsystem level requirements and coordination of the verification close-out activities with the subsystem responsible experts;
  • Change and configuration management of applicable requirements in all the project deliverables/products;
  • Identification and monitoring of the requirements impacting strongly on system risk;
  • Definition and update of the Verification Control Document (VCD);
  • Support the implementation of the VCD;
  • Support the development of product functional analysis and subsystem identification;
  • Support the AIT manager in the development of the AIT plan;
  • Support the System Engineer in the development of the System Engineering Plan (SEP);
  • Support the Configuration Management activities;
  • Support the review of the applicable ICD/IDRD ;
  • Support the supplier management;
  • Participation to the project review and meeting at system and subsystem levels.


General requirements

  • Degree: Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering;
  • Working experience: 3-5 years (middle level);
  • Age: 30-35 (as preference);
  • High flexibility and team-working skills;
  • Hands-on approach;
  • Cope with hard schedules;
  • Reporting;
  • Language knowledge: Italian, English.


Required experience & skills

  • Previous experience in requirement management and verification with IBM DOORS or similar tools for complex industrial projects;
  • Experience;
  • Previous experience in Verification Control Document (VCD) definition and implementation;
  • Very good knowledge of the ECSS standards;
  • Familiar with the configuration management processes.


Additional Assets

  • Familiar with EN9100 normative;
  • Familiar with space SW requirements close-out process;
  • First-hand experience in flight hardware AIV campaigns;
  • Familiar with the safety review process for satellite or ISS payloads.

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