Senior Assistant – STT (NS)

The Hague, The Netherlands, EMW

Field(s) of expertise
Business Administration & Finance
Job type

About this job

Start Contract Date: 10 August 2020

Total Scope of the request: 836 hours


With guidance from Head, Supply, Travel and Transport (STT), but largely on own initiative and within limits of delegated authority, the incumbent will perform the following duties:

  • Daily monitoring of all goods purchased and received into the Agency, including registration, checking and issue of the goods.
  • Preparation of short reports, planning of work schedules and required administration.
  • Preparation, implementation and update of standard operating procedures for all aspects of Supply and Stores elements.
  • Preparation of reports for all excess property that is of a serviceable nature but is no longer required by Agency and arranging for its ultimate disposition in accordance with current NATO regulations.
  • Advise and train all Memorandum Record Account Holders (MRAH) in their duties and arrange any familiarisation necessary.
  • Assist in the execution of and adherence to safety, health and NATO regulations and procedures.
  • Plan the upkeep and maintenance of electrical hoist and fork lift trucks.
  • Research, provide inputs and ensure compliance with contracts involving waste disposal, catering, cleaning and laundry.
  • Arrange, in conjunction with HQ Registry and Security personnel, for destruction of classified material.
  • Assist with section budget development in the following areas: clothing, office supplies, waste disposal, building maintenance, furniture procurement, and restaurant operations.
  • Control the collection, storage and disposal of hazardous material in compliance with host nation and NATO regulations.
  • Prepare administrative reports, cost statistics and ensure all files associated with purchasing, customs clearance and invoicing are appropriately maintained.
  • Prepare customs documents for shipping or receiving.
  • Serve as an alternate Advance Account Holder (Petty Cash) (The Hague only).
  • Assist with annual inventory of expendable and stock items.


  • Required Security Clearance: NATO Secret
  • 5+ years relevant experience to include:
    • In depth knowledge and experience of NATO purchasing procedures, and automated supply or accounting systems;
    • Good working knowledge of computers, MS office software, and current database programs in relation to supply and stock management and administration;
    • Valid driver’s license and experience with vehicles up to 8 passengers;
    • Prior experience supervising staff in a support environment;
    • Experience in hazardous material controls;
    • Knowledge and experience with catering services for an international workplace;
    • Experience with electrical pallet trucks and fork lifts.

Desirable Experience and Education:

  • Prior experience in inventory and plant property control.
  • Prior experience of working in an international environment comprising both military and civilian elements.
  • Knowledge of NATO responsibilities and organisation, including ACO and ACT.