Head of Profession – Project Management

Romsey, United Kingdom (UK), Roke [00335]

Field(s) of expertise
Project and Service Management
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About this job

Crucially, as part of the Innovation Team, the Heads of Profession take a strategic and pan-business approach, ensuring that all investments, whether in skills or technologies, deliver long-term benefit to the company as a whole.


  • Leadership. To be a champion and expert for a specific selection of skills, areas of expertise and technical capabilities.
  • Innovation Investment. To direct investment in innovation and offerings at a tactical and strategic level, that are relevant to the profession and aligned to business objectives.
  • Workforce Planning. To provide guidance and insights to resourcing, Heads of Engineering and Line Managers on capacity and workforce planning.
  • Career Planning. To provide leadership in the development of skills career pathways and training for staff in the profession.
  • Technical Leadership. To be a leading expert, evangelist and thought-leader, representing the selected profession and its capabilities.
  • Knowledge Management. To champion the development and sharing of technical knowledge, including succession and mentoring.
  • Processes & Policies. To create and maintain Roke standards and processes relevant to the profession.
  • Intellectual Property. To identify, protect and curate intellectual property created or used by the business.
  • Outreach. To engage with customers, academia, trade bodies and other 3rd parties to promote Roke and to capture insight and opportunities.
  • Alignment. To perform the role to create and promote cross-business alignment and engagement.


Outputs & Outcomes:

  • Output: Profession Strategic Plan, to deliver the capabilities, skills and expertise to meet Roke’s strategic business plan.
  • Output: Roke standards and policies related to the profession.
  • Output: Career pathways plan for the profession.
  • Outcome: Innovation work and offerings that are supervised, disseminated and aligned to Roke strategic plan.
  • Outcome: Content used for outreach and marketing that reflects Roke’s strengths and capabilities.
  • Outcome: A strong network of people across Roke engaged in innovation and capability building.
  • Outcome: A strong network of external 3rd parties that Roke leverages to deliver business.
  • Outcome: Demonstrable excellence in knowledge management within Roke.

Specifics of Profession:

Project Delivery – covering Programme, Portfolio, Project Management, and Project Administration.

General Experience Required:

The Head of Profession should be able to evidence expertise in many of the underlying principles of Project Management:

  • Leadership
  • Cost Control, Forecasting, Milestone Tracking, Billing & Cash-flow Management
  • Requirement Management & Management of Change Control
  • Schedule & Earned Value Management
  • Application of Agile, Kanban, and Structured Methodologies
  • Contract Management
  • Quality Planning & Management
  • Risk, Issue, and Opportunity Management
  • Resource Management, Balancing, and Profiling
  • Procurement & Subcontract Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Programme & Portfolio Management
  • Team Forming & day-to-day People Management
  • Stakeholder Management & Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Ethics, Compliance & Standards

Specific Experience Required:

The Head of Profession must be able to evidence:

  • Hands-on Project Management experience on many large and small-scale, technically challenging projects:
    • successfully delivered to time/cost/quality
    • successfully recovered when time/cost/quality have been at risk
  • First-hand experience of planning-for, executing, and genuinely transforming the skills, capabilities, tools, processes and overall effectiveness of a Project Delivery Community within an organisation.

Nature of the role:

Time is expected to be split 50/50 between leading the Profession, and actively practicing Project Management. The driving principle is that the Head of Profession must continuously develop their skills and experience.

We are committed to a policy of Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion. Our working environment is friendly, creative and inclusive. We can accommodate flexible working arrangements, and support a diverse work-force and those with additional needs.

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