Sales Engineer, GNSS Applications and Earth Information

Glasgow, United Kingdom (UK), Spire Global [#LI-ANNA]

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Information Technology Marketing and Sales
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Spire’s Earth Observations (EO) Team is growing a portfolio of EO products ranging from atmospheric profiles to space weather (SpWx) monitoring. The SpWx group of the EO Team is a small but agile team tasked with using large quantities of satellite data assimilated into an ionosphere model to create real-time corrections to improve the performance of GNSS location-based services and other applications. Positioning errors from ionospheric effects on GNSS signals remain one of the last hurdles in improving positioning accuracy for legacy single frequency users and for real-time GNSS precise point positioning (PPP). Furthermore, ionospheric errors can increase the time to first fix in real-time kinematic (RTK) systems and ionospheric scintillation can reduce the accuracy of all GNSS systems.

As a GNSS Applications and Earth Observations Sales Engineer, you will be a primary technical contact to customers on behalf of Spire’s products for GNSS applications. Successful candidates will have a good balance of experience with GNSS systems engineering, with a holistic view of the space, ground, and user segments and an understanding of how external corrections may be used to improve GNSS operations. You will help transform the outputs of our ionospheric data assimilation model into useful near real-time corrections for GNSS services, leading to greater confidence in applications that require high accuracy and resilience, such as autonomous vehicle navigation. You will also contribute support to general EO sales efforts that include government, commercial, and research customers.


– Evaluate customer needs for GNSS services, specifically for applications requiring real-time corrections of ionosphere-induced positioning errors (e.g., autonomous vehicle navigation)
– Work with the ionosphere modelling and data assimilation teams on defining system requirements based on customer needs
– Coordinate real-time delivery of the GNSS corrections produced by the ionospheric data assimilation model to customers
– Interact with customers and plan pilot projects that will transform into long-term contracts for real-time GNSS corrections services
– Interface with general EO customers to determine how Spire products could meet their needs and relay this information to the EO engineering and product groups


Basic qualifications:
– Direct experience in remote sensing,
– PhD. or M.S. in GNSS surveying or geodesy, electrical engineering, applied physics, or a related field
– Experience with programming and analysis in Python (preferred) or Octave
– 3+ years’ experience of GNSS or remote sensing signal processing, navigation, and corrections for various error sources
– At least one experience delivering unique solutions for various EO applications

Preferred qualifications:
– Experience with customers of EO products and GNSS services, including real-time corrections for vehicle navigation
– Direct experience with GNSS signal processing and in-depth knowledge of how ionospheric corrections can improve GNSS performance.
– Experience with GNSS software, particularly RTKLIB
– A background and demonstrated experience in Earth science or EO applications
– Exceptionally well-organized, with the ability to go as deep as needed in any project to identify and resolve problems
– A publication record in peer-reviewed journals

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