Telecommunications System Engineer

Como, Italy, D-Orbit [DO-TSE-001]

Field(s) of expertise
Space Systems Engineering Telecommunications Engineering
Job type

About this job

We are looking for a telecommunication system engineer to:

  • Carry out the COM related activities on D-Orbit spacecraft, following the whole subsystem lifecycle.
  • Design and develop the subsystem, coordinating with system engineering.
  • Manage technical data exchanges with suppliers.
  • Overview prototyping and engineering activities up to subsystem qualification.
  • Participate in AIV of flight model and support operations from mission setup to in-flight COM testing and maintenance.


The duties and responsibilities of a COM System Engineer on a spacecraft during the entire duration of a mission typically include:

  • Top-level design and requirements definition, starting from mission and payload requirements,
  • Detailed COM system and operation design and verification, coordinating with the rest of the spacecraft system and subsystems,
  • Subsystem modules (TRX, antennas, harness, etc.) definition and procurement. Activities might include design, prototyping, testing and manufacturing of in-house developed hardware or technical support to selection, procurement and acceptance of third party supplied items,
  • LEOP and commissioning of COM subsystem,
  • Authoring of Technical documents,
  • Managing Link budget,
  • Executing RF finite-element pattern analysis.


  • Knowledge of system engineering basics;
  • Proficient in MATLAB / Simulink signal processing toolbox;
  • Knowledge of network protocols like TCP/IP and A/D RF modulation techniques;
  • Confidence in drafting and handling link budgets;
  • Knowledge of wireless communication and signal processing;
  • Knowledge of antenna design;
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  • Proactive attitude and ability to work in team and individually;
  • Knowledge of software-defined radios (SDR) technologies and GNU Radio toolkit is an asset;
  • Hands-on experience (like as radio-amateur) would be valued;
  • Proficiency in usage of ANSYS HFSS finite-element simulator is a strong asset;
  • Knowledge of ECSS standard like the E-ST-50 series is an asset;
  • Knowledge of embedded software is also considered important;
  • Education: Advanced University degree (Master’s degree or equivalent,) preferably in Telecommunication or Electronic Engineering;
  • Language: Full professional proficiency of English language is mandatory.

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