DSP Engineer

Toulouse, France, Callisto Space [C-DSPE]

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Electronics Engineering
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Callisto is an international engineering consultancy and equipment development company in the field of satellite communications. Founded in 1993, Callisto has undertaken a wide range of engineering consulting projects, building an enviable reputation as a highly skilled partner to satellite operators,integrators and equipment manufacturers. Callisto has been working for many years in the development cryogenic radio frequency receivers for space telecommunications and radio astronomy and is considered a European leader in this field. The company also designs and build cryogenic test systems and offers services for testing and evaluation of components at cryogenic temperatures as well as maintenance of cryogenic systems.

Callisto is a small engineering company depending on team spirit, valuing and investing in our employee’s development and oriented towards a culture of quality and efficiency which is good for our clients and good for our staff. Since 2018, Callisto is part of the international Celestia Technologies Group.

Due to expansion of business, we are seeking to recruit a Digital Signal Processing Engineer in our offices in South East of Toulouse, France. Callisto needs external expertise to study the digital interface at the ADC/FPGA board outputs. Initially, support is required for the design phase of the project to identify the best design solution for implementation on the RF sampling breadboard (given the constraints of the commercial evaluation modules identified).The successful applicant will join the established multi-disciplinary engineering team and will report directly to the R&D Business Unit Manager for the responsibilities listed below.


  • Develop/analyse digital signal processing algorithms and architectures to meet project requirements
  • Perform research and analysis that supports the definition of RF Digital Processing units based on commercial evaluation modules
  • Develop prototypes and early versions of new products for real world testing,
  • Produce synthetic report and present findings.


Identified required skills:

  • Solid theoretical background in digital signal processing principals,
  • Experience in signal processing techniques such as digital filter design, digital down conversion and decimation,
  • Knowledge in the implementation of signal processing algorithms in FPGAs and programming,
  • Knowledge in digital communication system design and analysis

Additional requirements:

  • Experience in Project Management
  • The candidate shall have radio frequency engineering basic skills and/or demonstrate a true capacity to develop competences in radio frequency engineering.

The selection of the candidate will be made based on experience, competence and qualifications. The motivation of the candidate will also be a critical factor in the selection process as well as the capacity to acquire and develop skills in theoretical and practical applications of all technological domains associated to Callisto’s products.

Academics: At least 5-year degree in communications engineering or electronics. Newly qualified PHD welcome.

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