Satellite Communication Systems Engineer

Torino, Italy, Argotec

Field(s) of expertise
Telecommunications  Engineering
Job type

About this job

Argotec is an Italian aerospace engineering company whose activities mainly concern the production of microsatellites for deep space and the development of innovative solutions in order to improve and to support the life and the comfort of space explorers. The company activities follow the “all in-house concept” including design, development, integration, qualification and operation services.


The candidate will work independently and also in a team, in order to define, design and test communication systems for space applications. The activities will include:

  • Design of RF communication systems for satellite platforms and payloads;
  • Design of telecommunication satellite constellations;
  • Definition of system requirements and architecture;
  • Analysis and definition of technical budgets (link, data, power, etc.);
  • Validation of design by means of analysis and simulations;
  • Verification and validation planning and supervision of test activity;
  • Technical and programmatic interface with customers and suppliers.


General Requirements

  • Degree: Master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Electronics Engineering;
  • Working experience: at least 5 years in relevant position;
  • High flexibility and team-working skills;
  • Fluent spoken and written English.

Required Experiences & Skills

  • Previous experience in space projects (industrial and/or academic);
  • Relevant experience in digital wireless communication systems design;
  • Knowledge of communication satellite architectures;
  • Knowledge of digital communication and modulation (e.g. PSK, QAM);
  • Experience in analysis of satellite communications systems in non-geostationary orbit;
  • Experience in Software-Defined Radio (SDR) design;
  • Overall system design life cycle including: requirements definition, architectural design, verification and validation, non-conformances management, technical documentation drafting, technical and project joint reviews with customers and suppliers;
  • Good knowledge of ECSS and CCSDS standards.

Additional Assets

  • Knowledge of ITU Radio Regulations and U.S. satellite regulations;
  • Knowledge of orbital dynamics;
  • Knowledge of positioning and ranging systems;
  • Usage of DOORS for requirements management;
  • Proficient use of MATLAB/Simulink, C/C++ software development;
  • Knowledge of GNU Radio framework;
  • RF circuit simulation, analysis and optimization for systems up to 10 GHz;
  • Knowledge of antenna design and RF wave propagation;
  • Knowledge of transceiver design, impedance matching, filter design and low noise amplifiers;
  • Basics of electronic FMEA and FTA.