Data Science Software Engineer

Romsey, United Kingdom (UK), Roke [000418]

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Software Engineering Information Technology
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About this job

Roke have a wide range of exciting opportunities for experienced Software Engineers with proven track record in Data Science, to join our Defence or National Security Business Units in the Hampshire area.

Your role will vary depending on your existing experience, our customer needs and your aspirations.

This role will expand your abilities through working alongside our wealth of specialist Data Scientists and Software Engineers on various projects, from rapidly prototyped research right through to high grade enterprise systems.

Roke delivers advanced research, development services and products and is a vendor neutral supplier picking the most appropriate technologies to achieve the required performance and capabilities. Roke staffs its teams with the most appropriate individuals, although it’s rare to have nothing new to learn on a project so an enthusiasm to learn and adapt to new technical challenges is vital for this role.

Many of our projects are highly creative, so we are looking for individuals who have the ability to think around and propose solutions to problems. All our data scientists need to communicate to a high standard and work effectively in multi-skilled teams, so good written and verbal communication skills are fundamental.

Applicants who would prefer more flexible working arrangements, such as reduced hours, would be welcome to apply for this role.


You could be developing data science solutions within one or more of our client side teams around the UK or working on our ground-breaking projects within the scenic grounds of our Romsey site.

If you’d like, you could also provide technical leadership to junior member, as well as, interacting with stakeholders during the development cycle. Just let us know your interests.

Our data analytics work encompasses all types of data, including structured and unstructured data (such as text and image). Projects vary greatly depending on the customer and their requirements. We use a variety of software, picking the best approach to suit the customers’ needs. For example, you might exploit your software expertise to solve big data or data streaming challenges using open source technologies. Alternatively, you might use your statistical background to develop machine learned models to classify data. Or, perhaps you will specialise in data visualisation techniques in order to enable our customers to easily access the required information from their data.

Location can vary and should your role require you to attend client sites, you will be encouraged to spend a proportion of your time at our Roke base site contributing to the Roke’s technical innovation and Data Science community.


You will ideally hold a degree qualification in computer science, software engineering, data science, mathematics, physics or similar. Alternatively you will have similar experience/education to an equivalent level.

You will be an enthusiastic Software Engineer and will also have experience of multiple programming languages with a passion for high-quality, eligible and maintainable code.

You will have data science expertise; however, as this is such a broad area we would consider experience in a subset of any of the following:

  • Large scale (‘big data’) data ecosystems, cloud infrastructure and analytic frameworks.
  • Machine learning and Deep Neural Net technologies
  • Techniques and toolkits for data cleansing, data preparation, data processing, fusion and analysis
  • Techniques and toolkits for combining data or analysing data streams in real time
  • Programming languages and techniques for visualising data

You will be comfortable working side by side with product managers, designers, and clients, making decisions together in order to quickly deliver valuable working software to clients and their users.

You enjoy growing your skills and those of your team by regularly learning about new technologies. Most importantly, you judge your achievements by the success and happiness of your team and its customers.

Roke also operates in the fields of network communications, network connectivity, autonomy and cyber and your familiarity with underpinning concepts in one or more of these areas would be beneficial but not essential.

What we can offer you?

This position offers a competitive salary and benefits package, including bonus scheme, private medical insurance as well as flexi-time, ability to accrue additional flexi-leave just to name a few.

Our working environment is friendly, innovative and inclusive. We can accommodate flexible working arrangements, and support a diverse work-force and those with additional needs.


A current DV clearance is highly preferable, however, due to the nature of this position, candidates will ideally already hold SC clearance.

Should you already hold clearance, we will assist you in the transfer of this, as well as, offer a high level clearance bonus.

We are committed to a policy of Equal Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Our working environment is friendly, creative and inclusive. We can accommodate flexible working arrangements, and support a diverse work-force and those with additional needs.

For information on how the personal data in your application is processed, please see the Roke Privacy Policy.