Licensed Engineer B1

Woensdrecht, The Netherlands, GKN Aerospace [GKN-LEB1]

Field(s) of expertise
Business Administration and Finance
Job type


As a Licensed Engineer within the B1 task area, you are furthermore busy with assembly, disassembly and inspection work. You analyze and resolve faults and make repair proposals. Part of your work is also preparing the test run and the independent test run of engines and aircraft systems, such as taxiing aircraft (if you are authorized to do so).Together with your colleagues, you ensure that work is done in accordance with the rules and standards in aviation.You will be working for Fokker Techniek in Woensdrecht. It is possible that you have to carry out work within you area of expertise, outside of the Netherlands.


To be working as a Licensed Engineer at Fokker Techniek you have a successfully completed Part.66 B1 training at a Part 147 accredited educational organization and you have an Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) issued by an aviation authority of one of the EASA countries. You have also followed the required certificates of courses at a Part 147 accredited educational institution (e.g. type courses, engine courses, knowledge of the organization, etc., to be determined by the Part 145 accredited company) to obtain / retain a Certification Authorization, to be issued by a Part 145 approved maintenance organization. You also have the necessary burden of proof of the practical experience mentioned in the Part 66 / Part145 for obtaining / retaining the aforementioned Certification Authorization. Experience with and licenses for A320/A330/B737 are a plus.

It is important that you have an adequate level of reading and understanding technical English for reading manuals, drawings and instructions. Craftsmanship is required for disassembly and assembly work with hand tools and the adjustment of aircraft systems, as well as for operating measuring tools and special test equipment.

What do we offer:

Besides working for a rapidly growing company in the Aerospace industry, we offer an attractive package of benefits with, among other things, a competitive salary, profit-related benefit and 40 vacation days.

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