Signal Processing / Modem Software Engineers

Aalborg, Denmark, GomSpace

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Software Engineering
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Ambitious international Space Company, GOMSpace, is looking for skilled Signal Processing/Modem SW Engineers for the Signal Processing And Radio Communications team at the HQ in Aalborg

Possibility to work with the full range of signal processing and modem SW/FW disciplines

Now you have the opportunity to become part of an internationally oriented and dedicated team aiming at providing exceptional nanosatellite solutions to customers on the global market. In the industry GOMSpace is known for their radios and associated modems as well as their ability to implement advanced signal processing functionality on their Software Defined Radio (SDR). They need your help to become even better on that front.

At GOMSpace you will have the possibility to work with the full range of signal processing and modem SW/FW disciplines. Ranging from SW system architecture design to actual implementation of modems and signal processing algorithms for their advanced and powerful and space qualified SDR. On top of developing signal processing and modem SW for their high performance SDR, their software engineers also write FW for their line of RF fronts as well as their high reliability telemetry and command radios.


  • Design & implementation of signal processing algorithms and RF modem functionality
  • Modulators and demodulators for ground-to-satellite links and inter-satellite links
  • Lower layers of protocol stack for our various modems/radios
  • RF sampling, time-stamping, filtering, selection and compression (spectrum monitoring)
  • Design, prototyping, verification, and testing using automated build and test systems
  • Work from system requirements to space qualified products being launched into space
  • Help project managers and bid managers scope development work packages
  • Help prepare SW tasks and breakdown of work for planning.

You will also be a part of a strong Signal Processing And Radio Communications team with enthusiastic engineers and part of the team philosophy:

  • Only few recurring meetings ~ 2hour per week centered around planning and follow-up
  • You own your tasks and product area
  • Signal Processing And Radio Communications, as a team, own and deliver all development for our radio solutions
  • Automation of routine jobs like release & regression testing => free up time.


We are looking for a software engineers with strong commitment and great sense of ownership

You possess a strong personal drive, commitment and sense of ownership. You take pride in the quality of your work and cannot wait to see your product or algorithm being launched into space. As a person you can identify yourself with the team philosophy. You are focusing on ensuring the right solutions, you navigate naturally around a cross-disciplinary environment where solutions and deliveries are the result of effective collaboration. You are a team player who make the team achieve its goals. Your English skills are on a professional level.

The ideal candidate has extensive experience with the tasks mentioned below. However, we value applications from experienced and newly graduated candidates alike.

We seek the following qualifications:

  • Relevant technical education, at least a bachelor’s degree or similar
  • Work experience in within software design and product development
  • You would most likely define yourself as a Signal Processing or Modem SW engineer
  • You feel at home programming in Python and C/C++ for embedded Linux systems and RTOS
  • Ideally you also have experience with HDL design for FPGAs, but it is not a must
  • Our satellites and SDR run a Linux OS. Therefore, our primary development platform is Linux. It is a massive benefit if you are comfortable with that
  • Work with an iterative and goal-oriented development mindset.

This is your opportunity to be a part of the future within high-end nanosatellites

GOMSpace offers employment in a dynamic growing and internationally oriented company with many challenging and exciting activities. GOMSpace is an agenda-setting player in the nanosatellite business and expect their employees to contribute with dedication, skills and the will to implement their mission. GOMSpace are ambitious and believe that nanosatellites and their efforts will make a difference to society in the future. They have an informal working culture with transparent communication and an organization built up by multidisciplinary skills and engineering passion which GOMSpace believe are essential to help customers achieve their goals in space.

Your workplace will be at Langagervej 6, Aalborg, Denmark. Salary and start date will be individually negotiated.