On-Board Software Engineer

Bari, Italy, Planetek Italia [On-board Software Engineer – Planetek Italia]

Field(s) of expertise
Software Engineering Space Systems Engineering
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About this job

We provide solutions and products for Earth observation with satellite, aircraft and drone data. We develop on-board software for satellites and data processing solutions for ground segment infrastructures. Our involvement in research and development activities supports human exploration of the solar system. We develop Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) in compliance with INSPIRE as well as solutions for Smart City and complex systems to support decisions that exploit geographic information, and Earth observation data, according to the new paradigms of Cloud and Software As a Service.

Planetek develops and integrates hardware and software infrastructures for the acquisition, processing and distribution of remote sensing data along their entire chain of production: from Earth Observation to Deep Space; from the Space Segment to the Ground Segment and the User Segment. Our main responsibilities fall into Systems and Software Engineering with strong verticalization towards Space Mission Analysis and Design (SMAD).


  • You will take contribute to the complete cycle of onboard software development, from SW requirements/ specification to the architectural design and the implementation, test and validation both for critical systems and for Planetek’s product line.
  • You will also build and maintain software tools to support the on-board software development and contribute to improve software quality and maturity.
  • You will also deal with embedded systems, micro-controllers acceleration devices and FPGA programming interfaces.


You have a Master’s degree or equivalent qualification in Electronic Engineering, Space Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or another relevant discipline and you have at least 5 years of professional experience, mostly on Mission Operations. Specifically, you have skills in the following fields:

  • Software engineering and object-oriented programming
  • Programming languages: C/C++ and/or others
  • Space communication protocols
  • Embedded systems and micro-controllers
  • HW acceleration devices (GPU, VPU, TPU…) and their programming frameworks (OpenCL, OpenGL, TensorFlow, Caffe…)
  • Experience with system validation that includes embedded software and/or remote systems
  • Digital signal processing
  • Proficiency in English

Also appreciated:

  • Space systems and Space Systems engineering
  • Knowledge of ground support equipment and check-out systems
  • Knowledge of on-board processors and processing architectures (SPARC LEON, RISC-V, ARM M and A series, multicore’s etc)
  • Experience with FPGAs or low-level Hardware programming
  • Model based engineering
  • Software testing and validation approaches for space applications
  • Knowledge of aerospace software systems applicable standards, such as ECSS-E-ST-40C and software development practices
  • Knowledge of SIL/ IEC 61508 software standard
  • Configuration management systems
  • Agile development practices

The ideal profile of the successful candidate is completed by seriousness and reliability, excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent organizational skills, strong ability to work within a team in order to meet specific objectives qualitatively and quantitatively defined, excellent relational and communicative skills, proactivity.

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