Master Thesis: Categorization of carbon sequestration capacity groups in marginal lands


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Carbon sequestration is the process involved in carbon capture and the long-term storage of atmospheric carbon dioxide. CO2 is naturally captured from the atmosphere through biological, chemical, and physical processes. Different land cover and land uses are characterized by a certain capacity for carbon sequestration. The classification into carbon sequestration capacity groups is mainly based on available indicators. According to European Parliament Regulation 1305 (EP, 2013), such indicators are described by climate, soil and terrain criteria. These influential variables are supplemented by physical, biological, environmental and ecological parameters. Available data should be used to estimate the potential carbon storage and the amount of carbon sequestrated over time for certain land cover classes. Based on this input, areas of interest are categorized and classified to different groups of carbon sequestration capacity.


  • Identification and compilation of carbon sequestration parameters, indicators and influential variables for comprehensive assessment of marginal lands
  • Processing of input data using multi-layer GIS analysis
  • Estimation of carbon storage and sequestration based on land cover / land use information, biomass information (biomass models) and other influential variables
  • Classification and categorization of marginal lands to carbon sequestration capacity groups
  • The completion of the tasks includes in total a 4-month stay at different offices of our consortium partners (1 month at CBK in Poland, 1 month at CESEFOR in Spain, 2 month at AUTH in Greece) of the EC project


  • M.Sc. student with focus on Carbon sequestration estimation and GIS
  • Extensive knowledge about carbon sequestration estimation
  • Experiences with classification approaches and multi-layer GIS analysis
  • Experiences with parametrization for the assessment of carbon sequestration capacity
  • Fluent in English language

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