Space Rider Product Assurance Manager

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, ESA [10167]

Field(s) of expertise
Product and Quality Assurance
Job type

About this job

You will be assigned as integrated support to the Directorate of Space Transportation within the ESRIN Integrated Programme Teams and will report functionally to the Space Rider programme manager for project-specific responsibilities and duties. For the maintenance of professional standards, for the implementation of the ESA general Product Assurance & Safety (PA&S) policy and for contributions to corporate tasks (e.g. reviews, standardisation, alerts, lessons learned), you will report to the Head of the Product Assurance and Safety Department through the Head of the Space Transportation Product Assurance, Safety and Quality Management Office.


You will be responsible, within the framework of ESA programmes and activities, for the overall implementation of the Product Assurance requirements for Space Rider and for providing Product Assurance support to other Vega programmes within ESRIN IPT.

Within the Project/programme Governance Structure concerned, specific responsibilities and duties include, in particular  :

  • supporting the Vega PA Manager (also coordinator of the ESRIN STS PA team); ensuring tight cooperation with other PA activities at ESRIN; cooperating with safety officer(s) on RAMS activities; ensuring synergies within overall PA&S for Space Rider;
  • establishing, maintaining and coordinating the approval of the PA requirements baseline in compliance with general ESA PA&S policy, and with any legally applicable requirements on space transportation systems exploited from the CSG (Kourou);
  • reviewing contractors’ proposed plans and specifications for the execution of projects, ensuring that PA requirements are properly taken into account throughout the contractual chain;
  • verifying the fulfilment of PA requirements during Programme/project Reviews and other milestones (PRRs, PDRs, CDRs, QR, KPs), managing the related PA actions/recommendations;
  • guiding, monitoring and assessing the implementation of PA requirements/approved plans by contractors in order to assess effectiveness;
  • preparing audit plans, performing some audits as required and/or inquiries, managing related audit/inquiry follow-up;
  • representing ESA/IPT in the Boards established within the projects for the handling of major Non- Conformances, waivers, and in Failure Reviews and Quality Enquiries, Test Reviews, etc.;
  • being the focal point for the processing of Requests for Waivers (RfW)/Deviations (RfD) for projects/programmes concerned within the IPT team, with responsibility for the related database;
  • analysing, assessing the requests for changes (CP) in the design or in the processes (in particular when PA requirements are impacted) in cooperation with the configuration officer;
  • guiding and monitoring the application and procurement of EEE parts, materials and processes and controlling implementation of applicable requirements by participating in the MPCB (Material and Process Control Board) and ECEB (Electronic Component Evaluation Board);
  • preparing PA and RAM documentation as relevant, ensuring execution and implementation of related analyses; conducting acceptance reviews of all contractual deliverables;
  • ensuring monitoring of the manufacturing, assembly integration and test activities with quality assurance audits, mandatory and key inspection points, test witnessing and configuration inspections for items manufactured in the frame of the programmes/projects;
  • conducting acceptance reviews of contractually deliverable items (HW), guiding the necessary preventive or corrective actions;
  • supporting the Space Rider system engineer with respect to reusability of the re-entry module and verifying implementation of the associated requirements/guidelines by industry;
  • arranging and coordinating support from Directorate of Technology, Engineering & Quality experts for execution of the functions under your responsibility;
  • performing any other PA tasks necessary to ensure a safe and successful mission.

To increase synergies within the Directorate of STS, you may also be assigned additional ad hoc activities supporting other STS programmes/activities.


Technical competencies

  • General background and specific experience in the technical domains covered by the position
  • Project support experience in a relevant domain
  • Experience in the management and monitoring of industrial activities, including participation in reviews
  • Balanced sense of responsibility between PA and overall project responsibilities
  • Knowledge of Space Transportation Systems and related technologies
  • Experience in quality and technical audits in the applicable environment

Behavioural competencies

  • Problem Solving
  • Results Orientation
  • Communication
  • Relationship Management
  • Planning & Organisation


A Master’s degree in an engineering discipline is required.

Additional requirements

Several years of experience in the management of Quality, Product Assurance and Safety are required, as well as a good knowledge of the launcher domain and proven experience in interfacing with partners in an international environment.

You must be eligible for security clearance by your national security administration.

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